OHS-T2B/Front Squat-Snatch Grip Press/CF Kids-Varsity

Double Under Clinic participants. Monday February 29, 2016</strong

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CF Kids:Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

WOD ARMAP 10 10 OHS, 95/65/45 10 T2B

Skill/Strength: Front Squat 2x10 Establish a starting point for 12 week cycle of front squats.

Snatch grip push press 5x3 climbing

Warm Up: 1000 m Row (upon arrival) then PVC DROM

*hkr="hanging knee raises" 5:00 Mercedes - Running Kate 35/k2e/5 Maria Mod. 25# Goblet Squat/5+5 Julia 45/k2e/5+10 Lynne 15/hkr/5 Mel 55/4+16 Meghan 55/4+3 Rich 65/5+7 Chuck 65/5 Matt K. Rx/6+2 Phil Rx/5+10 Ray Rx/6+7

6:00 Victor 65/4+11 Vinsanity 65/5+11 Matt G. 16.1 Rx/127 reps Juliette 25/k2e/7+7 Special K. Rx/6+13 Michelle 45/hkr/7 Shawn Rx/7+7

7:00 Thee People's Coach 75/6+1 Curtis Rx/7+15 Joe V. 65/5+12 Jennay Rx/7+4

8:00 Sam 16.1 Rx

9:00 John Mc Rx/5+12 Nacho Rx/6+4 Mike S. 65/6+1 Tim M. 65/5+15 Randy 65/4+13 Angie 55/k2e/4+11 Christy Rx/4+10 Sophie  Swift Rx/4 Anne 45/5+14

10:00 MKC4 Rx/6+7 MKR Rx/4 Dawn Rx/5+4 Joanna Rx/5+2 Kristy 15/k2e/4 Senor Burns 16.1 Randall 16.1 Rx Glenna 35/5+13 Melissa 16.1 E-Money Rx/7+7 Sophie Swift 16.1 Fred 16.1 Rx

4:00 Sinker Rx 6 Ron Rx 4 Jail 65 Back Squat/5 Miller Time 75-K2E/4 Kevin Rx 6 Jim O 45-K2E/3+12 Tommy Rx 6+11 Adrian Rx 3+3 Felipe Rx 5 Genelle 55-K2E/4+12

6:00 Lori 75/fs/5 Debbie 75/fs/leg raise/7+1 Barb 55/5 ashley 3 Rx Ian 35/4+11 Rachel 45/5+8 Jim pvs/k2c/5+4 Geri 15/3+1 (FIRST (of many to follow in the wod) Toe To BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Matt Rx 4+1

7:00 Dan Rx 6+10 Catie 55/leg raise/7+5 Donna 25/leg raise/5+7 Steve 35/k2c/4+10 Jcohn 75/bs/4 Eric 95/4 Kaylie 45/4+14 Brett 75/fs/4+14 Sarah 55/5 Dave Rx 8+10