OHS with Gymnastics/Mobility/CF Kids-JV&Varsity

stronger than excusesWednesday February 24, 2016

The CrossFit Games will announce the first workout of the 2016 Open tomorrow evening at 7pm. We will be live streaming it here at the box for anyone who wants to hang out and watch the announcement followed by the workout being performed head to head by Chyna Cho vs. Emily Abbott. The workout announced will then be programmed as Friday's WOD. So for those reluctant/on the fence/or just apprehensive, sign up for the Open and see how you do. $20 is cheaper than any 5k or 10k you would sign up for and it lasts 5 weeks. You can see your standing amongst 300,000 other CrossFit athletes around the world. C'mon, be brave and push your limits. Click here to register.

CF Kids:JV(6-12 years)4:10-4:45pm Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

WOD AMRAP 5 15 OHS 95/65/45 5 BMU rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 10 OHS 95/65/45 10 Pull Ups rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 5 OHS 95/65/45 15 T2B

Warm Up: 1000 m Row then Mobility

*BPU=Burpee Pull Ups *JBMU=Jumping Bar Muscle Ups *HKR=Hanging Knee Raises *LLR=Lying Leg Raises

5:00 Coffey Rx 60/67/66 Maria 27# Goblet Squats-BPU/60/Blue+Purple 72/29 Adrian 95-BPU/37/Rx 42/52 Bright 95-BPU/37/Rx 42/52 Matt K 95-JBMU/57/Rx 62/60 Meghan 55-BPU/40/Redx2 60/55# 43 Phil 95-JBMU/38/Rx 80/45 Jocelyn 45-BPU/49/blue 70/HKR 73 Mel 65-BPU/32/Rx 40/40

6:00 Special K 65-BPU/60/jump 70/53 Joe W 65-BPU/55/blue+green 80/53 Michelle 45-BPU/50/red+green 67/LLR 79 Glenna 25-JBMU/65/69/60 Tim M 55-JBMU/56/57/59 Jennay 65-JBMU/62/Rx 69/60

7:00 Joanna 55-JBMU/56/62/53 Joe V 55-JBMU/56/40/28 Shawn S 95-JBMU/47/Rx 70/63

9:00 Bam-Bam 95-JBMU/60/ Rx 73/53 Milo 75-BPU/29/45/47 Mark K 15-BPU/45/36/20 Ethan Rx 57/95/69 Jess C 65-JBMU/46/44/HKR 60 Sophie 65-BPU/44/48/45 Anthony 95-JBMU/48/73/52 Meaghan 65-JBMU/40/52/46 Eddie Rx 53/101/92 Nacho 95-BPU/50/ Rx 76/55

Dan S 95#FS-BPU/43/51/46 Dawn 65-JBMU/40/Rx 54/60 Johnny 95#FS-BPU/41/40/43