Hang Power Snatch-C2B/Tabata Core Work/Happy BDay Dawn&Glenna/Jump Rope Clinic Sunday

513cdbfbfd2c24645ea1254d97fd3a1e Friday February 19, 2016

***Happy Birthday Dawn*** ***Happy Birthday Glenna***

Rx Jump Rope Double Under Clinic this Sunday 9:00am, $50 admission, $80 w/ custom Jump rope. Click here to register.

WOD 5 Rounds 12 Hang Power Snatch, 95/65/45 15 C2B

Skill/Strength: Tabata Scap Pull Down -Full Dead Hang Start -Slight Hollow Position -No bend of elbows -Pull bar down with lats only

Tabata Hollow Rocks

Warm Up: :30 each -Lateral Hip Openings -Air Squats -Jumping Jacks -Jumping Lunges -Plate Halos -Inch Worms -Push Ups -Mountain Climbers -Plate G2OH -Burpees

5:00 Mercedes 45-blue+purple/15:00 Kate 25-blue+purple/14:06 Maria 45-blue+purple/18:20 Debbie :-) Meghan 55-redx2/18:35 Meaghan 55/20:15 Jocelyn 35-blue-purple/12:27 Jen P 35-blue+purple/18:35 Rich 75-red/13:26

6:00 Jenny mod/8:13 Special K 65-pull ups/15:31 Kathy 25-blue/15:20 Josh 75-green/17:49 Joe W 75-green+blue/15:19 hollyWood Rx 15:34 Mike M Rx 17:04 Vin 75-C2B/17:22

7:00 TPC 75-pull ups/14:44 Curtis Rx 12:48 Sinker 75-pull ups/17:02 Angie 45-Blue pull ups/17:29 Will 65-red pull ups/18:12 Shawn S Rx 17:09 Joe V 55-red pull ups/16:49 Phil Rx 16:43

9:00 Sewnig 80-pull ups/14:53 Matt G Rx 16:42 Nola Mod Rx++++ Eddie Rx 11:23

10:00 Corinne 55-pull ups/14:10 Andre 65-green pull ups/14:27 Sam B 45-green pull ups/13:52 Kevin 75-strict pull ups/13:27

4:00 Geri 25#/B/14:39 Joanna 55/PU/16:04 Jen M. 55/PU/15:31 Mrs. Reed 55/PU/17:28 Mr. Reed 75/PU/18:04 Rachel 35/B&P/14:40 Jeremy RX/18:16 Adrian 75/PU/18:05

5:00 Lori 45#/P/16:26 Mrs. Coffey 35/G&R/13:25 Mr. Coffey RX/18:41 Ian 55/R&B/18:31

6:00 Donna 35#/G&B/16:57 Matt B. 75/PU/17:32