C2B-FS-Push Ups/Everything Muscle Up/Boot Camp

strength Tuesday February 2, 2016

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD 5 Rounds 10 C2B 5 Front Squats, 155/115/85 20 Push Ups

Skill/Strength: Muscle Up Skill Work -Ring Stability (3 sec Hold at top of rings x5)Have a partner hold straps steady for you if necessary -False Grip (With feet on box, 5 sec hold hanging in false grip x5) -False Grip Ring Rows to MU Turn Over (3 rounds, 2 ring rows>1 Ring Row+Turn Over) -Ring Push Ups (Externally rotate wrists and elbows at top of Push Up -Pop Offs from Floor -Ring Swings (Practice swing, lay out and pulling rings to sternum 5x3) -Muscle Ups (Grip it and Rip it!!)

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes R&R/75/12:58 Debbie Mod RX++/10:15 Meghan R&R/75/12:35 Kate B&P/55/13:19 Glenna B&P/95/14:57 Shawn RX/13:18 Rich R/65/13:06 Chuck 85/15:27 Jen P. B&P/65/16:57 Matt K. PU/155/12:38

6:00 Angie R&B/65/14:39

Mike 135/12:04 Josh G/125/14:48 Jose B/95/11:08 Katie PU/85/12:32 Woody RX/12:42 Rocky G/95/14:00 Tim B&P/115/13:25 Dan B. RX/11:58

Kathy R&R/45/14:40 Mr. Jefferson PU/115/12:25 Vinsanity 115/11:59

7:00 Curtis RX/12:22 Joe R/125/13:52 Michelle R&G/50/11:34 Shawn PU/135/10:36 Brett PU/115/17:26 TPC PU/125/12:31

9:00 Beetle Rx/11:16 John Mc Rx/14:43 Eddie Rx/8:50 A-Train 145/PU/11:00 Mike S. 115/PU/16:33 Mark 85/b/15:24 Magic Milo 105/PU/15:11 Dan S. 115/14:34 Randy 95/14:26 Sophie Swift 85/r+b/11:11 Christy PU/16:06 Ms. February 85/13:47 Jess C. 85/r/12:07 Meaghan 85/PU/16:16

10:00 MKC 95/13:55 Ed Rx/13:46 MKR 95/10/16:23 John  V. 85/b/18:34 Metz 45/PU/17:02 Amy 55/PU/18:14 Dawn 55/17:25 Fred Rx/5:54

4:00 Chris E. 135/12:12 Matt G. Rx/14:41 Sinker 135/PU/12:00 TK 95/mod./14:25 JB 115/g/14:22 Reed 75/PU/14:40 Jen M. 85/PU/14:13 Ron 95/PU/15:31 Kate Z. 65/b/14:25 Barb 45/PU/13:59 Sewnig Rx/11:27 Juliette 35/r+b/8:50

6:00 Matt B Rx 23:08 IAN 85 PR 24:52

7:00 Will 75 19:22 Eric B 95 19:17