Gymnastic Chipper/Barbell Complex/CF Kids-Varsity

Priorities Monday January 18, 2016

CF Kids:Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

WOD 30 T2B 40 Push Ups 50 Cal Row 60 Sit Ups

Skill/Strength: 6 Sets of the Following Complex, climbing: High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Press High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Split Jerk *The goal is to perform all 12 movements unbroken. Rest 2-2:30 minutes between sets. Start with low weight and climb accordingly. Set 6 should be difficult.

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up Calisthenics then Barbell then Band Mobility -Wrists/forearms -Hips

Here are Attendance scores after Week 1.

Team 1 Rich Beetle Jackie Donna =14

Team 2 Weapons Of Mass Reduction(five members) Bright Nacho Bel Grande Juliette Debbie Ashley =23

Team 3 Butt Wait! There's Less Ed O John Mc Meaghan Mel =20

Team 4 Greg Tim M Joanna Meghan W =21

Team 5 Dan S Miller Time MKC Ms. Reed =18

Team 6 Tim Moles Steve Rowling Jennay Jen P =17

Team 7 Jeremy Jcohn Angie Kathy =13

Team 8 Ron Reed Sinker Melissa T Mercedes =17

Team 9 Coffey MKR Special K Michelle B =19

Team 10 (five members) Fred Torres Christy Marianne Jen M Maria =18

5:00 Mercedes Rx/12:00 Maria Rx/12:41 Mel Rx/13:07 Ray Rx/10:03 Rich k2e/13:18

6:00 Victor Rx/11:40 Silent Assassin Rx/12:00 hollyWood Rx/9:58 Vinsanity Rx/11:45 Rocky k2e/12:23 Special K. Rx/10:48

7:00 Joe V. k2e/11:45 Dan S. Rx/11:20 Curtis Rx/10:17 Nacho Rx/12:02 Shelby Rx/11:37 Jose k2e/9:54 Shawn Rx/8:53 Meghan Rx/13:38 Michelle v-ups/11:46 Kathy v-ups/14:29

9:00 Beetle Rx/8:47 Magic Milo Rx/13:41 John MC Rx/9:57 Bam-Bam Rx/9:59 A-Train Rx/9:02 Sewnig Rx/11:49 Jackie Rx/? Angie k2e/14:37 Sophie k2e/11:42 Glenna k2e/13:43 Jennay Rx/9:42

10:00 Debra Mod./9:04 T-Mac Rx/10:28 Eddie Rx/7:40 Sarah k2e/9:28 Lisa Rx/10:54 Fred Rx/7:22 MKC Rx/10:28 Ed Rx/11:16 Adrian Rx/10:00

4:00 Jail Rx/11:50 Miller Rx/12:14 Ron Rx/ 11:40 S. Reed Rx/ 13:20 Sink Rx/ 11:40 Kevin Rx/9:07 Kate k2e/13:44 J. Gainer v-up/11:26 M. Gainer Rx/10:23 Ehlers Rx/9:25 Marianne k2e/13:20 Moles Rx/13:59 Jen M. Rx/13:07 Ashley RX+varsity registration/12:37 Tim Mag Rx/9:15 Jim B. Rx/13:49 Christy Rx/ 12:52

6:00 Greg k2e/13:50 Lori Coffey Rx/8:34 Matt B. Rx/10:43 T Gainer Rx/11:19 Jeremy Rx/8:29 Danny Rx/9:24

7:00 Christine Rx/10:03 Malopy Steve Brett Rx/11:47 Donna v-up/13:11 Dan C. Rx/8:20 Paula v-up/14:10 Andre k2e/12:10 Kaylie Rx/13:25 Jchohn Rx/17:55