Team WOD/Open Gym/Free Intro

TeamworkSaturday January 16, 2016

Open Gym:8:00-9:30am Team WOD:9:30-10:45am Free Intro:11:00-12:00pm

WOD Teams of 3* 40 min Cap 200 Deadlift 225/135/95 200 T2B 200 Goblet Squats 53/35/27 Row 13/9 Cal

*While one team member rows Calories, other team member will perform, in order deadlifts, T2B and Goblet Squat. All 200 deadlifts must be completed before moving on to T2B; All T2B must be completed before moving on to Goblet Squats. Team members will rotate each time 13/9 cals is met. While one team member is doing deadlifts non-working partner must hang from pull up bar. Reps only count when team member is hanging. Once Deadlifts are complete team may start T2B. Non-working partner must hold deadlift barbell at top of deadlift when T2B work is being done. Reps only count when partner is set with the barbell in the hang position. After T2B are completes teams will chip away at Goblet squats. Non-working partner must sit in a paleo chair while reps are being performed. Reps only count when partner is seated in paleo chair. Partners who are not rowing may switch work as much as needed/wanted while rower is achieving 13/9 cals. Time will be called when the 200th squat is completed.

Warm Up: 5 min "Cindy" then DROM