OHS-DUs-C2B/Handstand Holds-Dips/Boot Camp

Curtis-Pull-UpTuesday Jan 12, 2015

Congratulations Milo on the birth of Kadence Katheryn Milakovich!!! 8lbs, 9oz 22 inches.

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD EMOMx18 6 rounds of: Min 1: 7 OHS 115/85/65 Min 2: 60 Double Unders Min 3: 7-10* C2B Pull ups *Butterfly do 10-Everyone Else, 7

Skill/Strength: Handstand holds/Walk* Advanced athletes-:40 handstand Walks Intermediate-Work On Floating off Wall-Freestanding Everyone Else-Handstand Holds 4 Rounds :40 hold/:20 rest

Dips Matador/Rings 5x5

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up then Shoulder Mobility

5:00 Mercedes 55-singles-purple+blue Anne 35-singles-Pull Ups Kate W 30-singles-purple+blue Coffey Rx Bright 95-sngles-green Meghan W 55-singles-redx2 Matt K 115-singles-Pull Ups Ray 95-DUs-Pull Ups Dan S 95 (front squats) singles-PullUps Silent Assassin 95-singles-Pull Ups Mel 75-DUs-Pull Ups Juliette 25-singles-green Matt G Rx Debbie Row/3615

6:00 hollyWood Rx Mike M 95-singles-C2B Kathy 20-singles-redx2 Vin 75-DUs-C2B Dan B Rx Michelle 45-singles-green+blue

7:00 Special K 75-DUs-jumping Joe V 75-singles-red Jennay Rx

9:00 Miller Time 85-s-b Beetle 115-s-c2b John Mc Rx Eddie Rx A-Train 85-s-PU Mark 55# Back Squat-s-b Sam B. 35-s-g Sewnig 115-s-PU Matt J. 15-s-c2b Sophie 55-s-g Angie 45-s-r+b Bam-Bam Rx+135# Meaghan 65-s-PU

10:00 Liz 35-s-jumping PU Mike S. 75-s-PU Metz 35-s-PU Tom Rx MKC Rx Amy 45-s-PU Ed Rx MKR 55-s-PU

4:00 Chris E. 115-DU-PU Pat 85-s-c2b Shawn Rx Sinker 95-s-PU Ron 25-s-c2b Barb 45-s-c2b Kate Z. 55-s-b Reed 55-s-P Bridget 15-s-g Geri 35-s-r+b

6:00 Matt B 105/s Greg 45bs/s/g Brett 45 Malopy Rx+135 Dave May Rx+135 Joanna 65/S/PU Ian 45/s/r Rachel 35/s/bp James 35bs/s/g Mrs. TPC 15bs/s/g Keith 35/s/g

7:00 Jackaaayyy Rx Ash Rx Tim 95/s Sonntag Rx Eric B 95/s Dan C Rx Jcohn 85bs/s/g Nick R 95/s/r


Jackie Challenge

Donna 15/BR/9:38 Steve 15/Ring Row 11:46