HSPU-BJs-KBS/Back Squat/No PM Sessions/Happy New Year

new-years-greetings-quotes-for-friendsThursday Dec 31, 2015

Jess will be in at 7:30 for anyone who wants to to get a WOD in early or get work in outside of the 8am session.

Abridged Schedule Today: 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, and Noon. No PM Classes, No Boot Camp Box Closed Tomorrow, Friday January 1, 2016

WOD AMRAP 15 5 HSPU 10 Box Jumps 24/20/20 step ups 15 KB Swings 53/35/27

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 10x1 add 5# from last week

Warm Up: 500 m Row then Group Dynamic Stretch

7:30 Shawn 1am/8+6 Debbae pu/rkbs/8+25

8:00 Katie 2am/step up/9+3 Shelby 2am/step up/9+3 Maria ihspu/step up/27/7+9 Vin 2am/7+9 Glenna ihspu/6+5 Phil 1am/5 Jenny 125# jerk/6+18

9:00 John Mc 1am/6 Beetle Rx 7+8 Bill ihspu/step up/44/5 Ed Oryan md/ :-) Tiffany 1am/18 inches/9 Eddie Rx/ 8+27 Matt 1am/7+15 Mike S 1am/35/6+5 Liz s push ups/step ups/27/6

10:00 Nick push ups/6+13 Christine ihspu/7 Malopy Rx/9+1 Mo 1am/5+5 Sarah R ihspu/7+21 Tom ihspu/7+12 Jose Rx/8 Melissa ihspu/25/7+13 MKC 2am/6+15 Coffey mod/5

11:00 Robby 1AM/7+2 Ethan Rx/8+1 Marianne ihspu/27/7+12 Jess C. ihspu/ 35# RKBS/7+9 Kate ihspu/25/8+4 Allie 1AM/7+9

12:00 Matt B. ihspu/7+8 Chris E.2AM/6 Tony 1AM/44/6+6 Reed 2AM/6+25 Andre ihspu/35/6+8 Genelle ihspu/6+12 Jen M. ihspu/6+28 Rachel 1AM/5+8