Annie/Back Squat/CF Kids-Varsity

CFB-XMAS-Party-2015Monday Dec 14, 2015

CF Kids:Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

Thanks to all who attended our Annual Christmas/Anniversary/Member Appreciation Party. Here's just a few folks who popped in throughout the night.

WOD "Annie" 50-40-30-20-10 DUs Sit Ups

Skill/Strength: Back Squats 4x10* Today is a "how do your legs feel day." It is about volume and not necessarily about HEAVY. We want your CNS to get familiar with load on your back. It will make heavy Friday a little easier. However, do not lift less then 20% of last Monday.

Warm Up: 500 m Row then Group Dynamic Stretch

5:00 Mercedes S/10:00 Debra Rx/10:13 Maria S+Vest/12:31 Kate Rx/13:00 (1st Rx "Annie"!!) Matt K. S/7:53 Ray Rx/8:20 Phil S/9:02 Silent Assassin S/9:09 Ed R /6:44 Meghan S/11:11 Lisa Rx/8:54

6:00 Victor Rx/8:39 Craig Rx/11:39 Matt G. Rx/11:51 Mike Mirin' S/7:56 Jose S/8:20 Joe W. S/11:47 Dan B. Rx/7:51 Juliette S/11:39 Andrea S/11:26 Kathy S/12:52 Vinsanity Rx/8:25

7:00 Joe V. S/11:53 Curtis Rx/7:50 Jennay Rx/9:32

8:00 Sam Rx/6:30 Tim S/10:14

9:00 John Mc Rx/8:23 Eddie Rx/6:58 Nacho S/11:09 Dan S. S/9:24 A-train S/9:42 Mickey Mouse S/12:47 Mike S. S/12:06 Bill S/11:48 Christy Rx/10:06 Corinne S+DU/8:04 MKR Rx/10:07 Marianne S/12:22

10:00 Genelle S/10:24 T-Mac S/9:16 MKC Rx/6:50 Melissa S/10:57 Fred Rx/6:42

4:00 Reed s/9:00 Ron s/9:38 Bam Bam Rx 8:59 Sewnig s/8:26 Ehlers Rx 6:01 Glenna s/12:17 Barbie s/9:26 Ethan Rx 6:52 Sarah R s/7:11 Geri s/13:08 Jocelyn s/10:09

6:00 T3 Rx 12:57 Lori Rx 7:36 Cinco Lifting Alice s/11"07 Greg s/16:26 Joanna Lifting Jen M s/9:56 Matt B s/6:29

7:00 Hymie Rx 8:26 Catie s/ 10:53 Dona Row (500, 400, 300, 200, 100)Sit Ups/16:56 Andre s/ 13:52 Jcohn s/ 17:52 Eric B s/ 16:58 Nick R s/17:31