Deads-Wall Balls-Dubs/Pull Ups-Dips/Boot Camp tonight/Happy bday Erik

Start NowTuesday Dec 8, 2015

***Happy Birthday hollyWood*** I hope they have cake on the other side of the world!

AMRAP 15 10 Deadlifts 225/155/105 20 Wall Balls 20/14/10 30 Double unders

Skill/Strength: EMOMx6 MRE Strict Pull Ups

Matador Dips 5x5

Warm Up: 600 m Row then Group Dynamic Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes 155-10-s/4+16 Chuck 155-16-s/3+30 Kate 100-10-Dus/3+5 Jim B 185-20-s/3+5 Ray Rx 4+2 Lisa Rx 3+33 Deb 135-25# med ball cleans-DUs/3+18 Erin 65-10-s/3+80 John V 95-14-s/4+13 Meghan 155-14-s/4 Christy Rx 4+8

6:00 Matt G Rx 4 Rocky 135-20-s/4+10 Silent Assassin 185-20-s/4 Ed O Rx 4+18 Special K 3+6 Jose 125-16-s/5+10 Tim G 225-20-s/4+8 Vin 165-20-DUs/4+15 Dan B Rx 5+13

7:00 Curtis Rx 5+6 Joe V 135-20-s/4+2 Jennay Rx 5+2

9:00 Beetle 225-20-Push Ups/3+37 John Mc Rx/5+22 Milo 185-20-S/4+5 Gary Lifting Grande 225-20-S/5+1 Sam B. 155-16-S/4+5

10:00 Genelle 125-14-S/4+6 MAtt J. 225-20-S/5+10 Kevin 185-20-DU/5+9 Meaghan 125-14-S/4+10 Tom 225-20-S/5+12 Eddie Rx/6+33 Tiffany 105-10-DU/4+15 Melissa 65-10-S/4+17 Ethan Rx/5+12 Tricia 85-10-S/3+16 MKR 115-14-DU/4+8 Jess C. 95-14-S/4+66

4:00 Sinker 185-20-s/4+6 Reed 105-14-s/4+15 Barbie 105-14-s/4+22 Ehlers Rx 5+6 Kate Z 155-14-s/2+30 Tom K 155-14-s/3+11 Alice 95-10-s/4+4

6:00 Joanna Rx/3+6 Greg 115/4 Lori 105/5+4 Mrianne 105/10/s/4+1 Jen M 105/S/4+4 Allie 135/4+10 Tony 185/s/4+3 Matt s/ 4+10

7:00 Donna 45/10/s/ 4 Steve 105/10/2+40 Jcohn 155/10/s/1 Eric Rx/3 Andre 115/16/s/4+5 Nick R s/ 3+75 Brett Rx/ 3+17