Row-OHS-C2B/Front Squats

TodayWednesday Nov 25, 2015

AM sessions only today!!! **Reminder** Varsity will meet at 11:00am today...No PM Varsity/NO PM Open Gym

Join Us at Beverly Park Thanksgiving morning (Tomorrow) at 9:00am for a friendly game of AM vs.PM flag football. Get a little workout in before the festivities at home with family.

WOD 1K Row 30 Overhead Squats 115/80/65 30 C2B 500m Row 15 OHS 115/80/65 15 C2B

Skill/Strength: Shoulder Mobility

Pull Ups Skill Work

Front Squat 3x5 climbing build to 75% 1RM

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up

5:00 Phil Rx 19:12 Jocelyn 25-Jumping/17:08 Michelle B 45-blue+green/18:19 Meghan 55-red+blue/16:19

6:00 Victor 75/16:05 Joe W 65-bluex2/15:13 Mike M 75/ 14:07 hollyWood Rx 15:20 Andy Z 35/16:43

7:00 Mercedes 55-purple+blue/18:35 Greg 35-green PU/20:20 Shannon 15-green PU/18:40 Joe V 35-green/17:46 Maria C&J 65-red+blue/20:45 Geri 35-green/19:20 Special K 65-jumping/17:16 Barb 55-red/19:51 Shelby 45-pull ups/19:08 Curtis Rx 17:02 Shawn S 95/16:21 Jennay Rx 16:39

9:00 Beetle Rx/15:45 John Mc Rx/15:14 Ralph 85-PU/18:22 Matt G. Rx/20:10 B-Rad 95/16:38 Tim 105-PU/18:48 Chris E. Rx/16:20 Tim M. 75-b/19:04 Jose 85-g/15:26 Christy 80-b/17:45 Ashley Rx/16:09 Angie 35-r+b/18:26 Mike S. 65-PU/21:50 MArk 65# Back Squat-b/21:11 Liz 35-jPU/17:51 Kate 35-p+b/15:46 Eddie Rx/13:14 Juliette 25-g/15:43

10:00 Tom Rx/15:13 Sarah 55-g/15:40 Matt B. 95-PU/17:00

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