Dubs-Wall balls-KB Step Ups/Back Squats/Congrats On-Rampers

Being Weak is dangerousFriday Nov 20, 2015

Congratulations to our November On-Ramp Graduates!!!  Welcome to the community.

WOD 200 double-unders 75 wall balls 50 KB Step-Ups 35/27/20 each hand, All to 20"Box

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 10x1 across add 5-10# to last Friday's weight Start with 3 warm up rounds climbing to your starting weight for your 10x1

Warm Up: :30 each station -Hip Openings -High leg kicks -Jumping Jacks -Air Squats -Jumping Lunges -Push Ups -Plank Jacks -Spider Lunges -Dive Bombers -Burpees

5:00 Mercedes s-14-20/18:10 Anne s-14-20/15:14 Kate s-10-9/13:39 Rich s/16:05 Meghan s/17:42 Ray Rx 14:04 Lisa Rx 15:00

6:00 Victor Rx 15:22 Rocky s-14-27/13:50 Matt G Rx 16:26 Tim G s-20-20/12:32 hollyWood Rx+ 44#/16:51 Jennay Lifting Jose s-16-27/12:38 Andy N Rx 13:14 Joe W s-14-25/15:23 Andy Z s-10-18/17:19 Vin Rx 16:35 M&M s-16-27/15:26

7:00 TPC Rx 12:58 Curtis Rx 12:58

9:00 Beetle 175 Du-20-35/14:04 Sam B 300 s-10-18/13:44 Dan S s-20-27/15:40 Eddie DUs-66 wall balls (oops!)-35/7:33 Sophie s-10 to 8 ft-20/14:30 Anthony s-10:28

10:00 Tiffany Dus-10-20 on 18"/14:52 Matt s/11:40 Kevin S Rx 12:04 MKC Rx 14:18 Melissa s-10 to 8ft-15 on 16"/16:07 Tommy s/14:22 Cinco Rx+ 44#/13:20 Fred Rx + 44#/10:45

4:00 Kate S/14/18/20"/16:50 Chris RX/14:43 Shawn RX/9:28 Sinker S/20/35/20"/16:53 Barbara S/14/27/20"/15:40 Brett RX/17:08

5:00 Nick RX/17:15 Christine S/14/27/20"/16:45 Dan S/14/20/20"/17:10 Jail D/10/27/20"/17:29 Alice S/10/18/20"/16:58

6:00 Malopy RX/11:55 Shelby RX/15:54 Milo S/20/35/20"/17:40 Kaylie S/14/27/20"/16:40 Matt B. S/20/35/20"/12:00 Mrs. Reed S/Sit ups/20"/11:58 Mr. Reed S/20/27/20"/16:36