Thrusters-Dubs-Pus Ups-KBS/K2E-T2B Complex/Boot Camp/Happy BDay Vincent

Tuesday Nov 10, 2015 !!Happy Birthday Vincent!!

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD EMOMx20 4 Rounds :45 on/:15 off 1. Max reps of Thruster 95/65/45 2. Max reps of Double Unders 3. Max reps of Push ups 4. Max reps of Russian KBS 70/53/35 5. Rest Score is Total Reps

Skill/Strength: EMOMx6 5K2Ex4T2B In Time Remaining Flutter Kicks

Warm Up: 600 m Row (upon Arrival) then Group Dynamic Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes 55/S/35/309 Meghan 55/S/44/253 Glenna 35/S/35/324 Lisa RX/265 Grande 95/S/70/330 Vinsanity RX/328

6:00 Victor RX/369 Tim75/S/53/319 Matt G. RX/307 Mike Mirin' 95/DU/53/274 Silent Assassin 75/S/53/336 John V. 65/S/27/290 Rocky 65/S/44/294 hollyWood RX/315 Dan B. RX/384 Juliette 25/S/15/376 Andrea 45/S/27/317 Special K. RX/277 Erin 25/S/10/398

7:00 Thee People's Coach RX/473 Kate 35/S/20/249 Tricia 35/S/20/305 Jennay RX/438

8:00 Sam RX/515

9:00 Beetle RX/349 John Mc. RX/390 Tiffany 55/DU/27/253 Matt 95/S/53/385 MKR 55/DU/53/235 Gary RX/401 Fred RX/559 Jackie RX/344 Phil 95/S/70/327 Liz 45/S/27/229 Mike 55/S/35/322 Meaghan 55/S/35/366 Christy RX/327 Eddie RX/534 Ethan RX/428

10:00 MKC RX/373 Melissa 25/S/20/281 Tom RX/245

4:00 Kate Z 55-s-35/301 Ehlers Rx 376 Reed 55 Push Press/Sit Ups/299 Ron 75-s-35/277 Jeremy Rx 321 Barbie 55-s-35/362 Brett Rx 296 Tom K 65-s-35/235 Genelle 55-s-35/287

6:00 Dawn 45/35/280 Joanna Rx/ 210 Lori 45/35/434 Christine Rx/217 Julie Rx/305 Malopy Rx/ 535 Dave May Rx/336 Ladies Coach Rx/255 Steve R. Row/45/35/165

7:00 Eric 95/44/s/ 168 Drake 95/62/s/ 255 Matt s/381 Marlene 55/27/s/ 332 Nestor 35/186 Ed Rx/402 NIck R 75/35/s/297 Jcohn 65/35/s/241 Catie 45/20/s/ 373 Joe 15/27/299