Jerks-T2B-Dubs/Back Squat+5#

TodayFriday Nov 6, 2015

WOD AMRAP 12 10 Jerks 135/95/70 10 T2B 30 Double unders (90 Singles)

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 10x1 across Add 5# from last week Start with 2-3 Rounds of 3 or 5 reps building to final weight for 10x1

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up then Hip Mobility

5:00 Mercedes 70-s/4+4 Ray 135-s/3+109 Kate 50-K2C-s/4+102 Maria 70-s/4 Glenna 55-K2C-s/4+9

6:00 Matt G Rx 4+4 Special K 75/4+2 Dan B Rx 5+5 Mike M 135-s/4+5 Phil 135-s/4+7 Joe W 75-s/4+16 Jose 100-s/5+3 hollyWood Rx 4+12

7:00 Curtis Rx 5+10 Jennay Rx 5 Tricia 50-K2C-s/3+50

9:00 Beetle Rx 4+3 Tim M 95-s/3+87 Tim G 105-s/4+12 Rocky 95-mod-s/4+6 Sam B 75-mod-s/3+37 Milo 115-s/4+1 Mickey Mouse 95-s/4 Audrey mod/5 Shawn S Rx/ 5+20 Sophie 55-K2C-s/5+18 Anthony 115-s/4+10 Ethan Rx/5+16 Eddie Rx/5+4

10:00 James 75-s/3+85 Kevin 115/5+14 Genelle 55-K2C-s/5+10 Melissa T 25-K2C-s/4+6 Fred Rx 7+20

3:00 Sam Rx/6+20

4:00 Chris E. hrpu-DU/5+10 Sinker 105-s/4+10 Adrian Rx/4+1 Ed Rx/6 TK 65-sit ups-s/4+15 Sarah 75-s/4+14 Barb 55-s/4+40

5:00 Christine 75-s/5+10 Jail 75-DU/5+1 Terri 65-s/3+10 Dan Mc 75-DU/4+47 Alice 55-s/4+10

6:00 Malopy Rx/6+18 Joe V. 65-sit ups-s/4+5 Kailey 65-s/4+11 Lori 65-DU/5+25 Matt B. 115-s/5+2