DUs-HPC&J/GHD Work-C2B/Boot Camp

nice-motivational-inspirational-quotes-thoughts-mistakes-great-bestTuesday October 27, 2015

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

Halloween WOD and Brunch this Saturday. Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar and Catering by Chucks. $20 all you can eat and drink. Come as an '80's TV character. Warm Up at 9:30, WOD by 10, brunch at 11.

WOD 3 Rounds 100 double-unders 7 hang power clean and jerks 155/105

Skill/Strength: Midline Work 3 Rounds 20 GHD SU 20 GHD HEX

3 Rounds 12 C2B Work for Max Reps Unbroken. However, if unbroken is not doable, get the 12 in.

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up then Shoulder Mobility

5:00 Mercedes s/75/11:55 Debra Mod/RX! Anne s/65/11:50 Kate s/50/12:04 Meghan s/75/12:47 Glenna s/75/15:00 Lisa du/95/12:18 Jim B. s/115/15:42 Matt K. s/135/12:34 Phil s/155/12:18

6:00 Victor du/105/11:55 Vinsanity du/105/12:08 Erik RX/14:52 Rocky s/75/11:07 Shawn du/145/9:08 Mike Mirin' s/135/11:18 Tim M. s/95/12:58 Special K. du/65/9:16 Jennay RX/10:06

7:00 Thee People's Coach du/115/11:00 Curtis RX/8:42

9:00 Gary Rx/9:46 Tim S/115/12:36 Ethan Rx/ 9:38 Grande S/115/11:53 John Mc. Rx/11:39 A-Train S/115/12:12 Mike S. S/85/18:21 Dan S. S/115/12:13 Liz S/45/18:49 Jess C. S/85/12:45 Corinne S/105/13:30 Christy Rx/15:02 Barbara S/65/14:45 Meaghan S/95/17:34 Angie S/65/13:52 Sophie S/55/12:23

10:00 MKC RX/14:28 Mickey Mouse S/135/15:20 Kevin D/135/10:34 Tom S/155/13:50 Brett D/115/15:32

4:00 Kate Z S-75/14:27 Jail 90/10:29 PR Consecutive DUs Sink S-115/15:29 Reed S-75/11:20 Ed O Rx 13:21 Ehlers 135/12:36 Matt B S-115/9:11

6:00 Thee Ladies Coach 115/14:27 Malopy Rx/ 8:03 Dave May/ lifting Coffey 135/ 13:50 Joanna 85/11:38 Christine S/85/10:28

7:00 Dan C Rx/ 8:49 Eric S/95/ 17:33