Tabata Tuesday/Death by HSPU/Boot Camp

bc41570134c2ff6076f8cae5e4029788Tuesday October 20, 2015

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD Tabata Wall Balls 20/14/10 KB SDHP 70/53/35 DUs Row (Cal)

Skill/Strength: Death By HSPU 12 min cap Strict/Kip/Box Pick the one which will challenge you the most.

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up then Shoulder Mobility

5:00 Mercedes 10/35/s/263 Kate 10/20/s/272 Mel 10/35/du/215 Lisa RX/255 Meghan 44/s/233 Debra RX/209 Kathy 10/27/s/230 Jim B. s/193 Chuck 16/44/s/316 Matt L. RX/355 Glenna 10/35/s/267

6:00 Victor 53/du/240 Silent Assasin 44/s/205 Dan B. RX/ 380 Rocky 16/53/s/228 Vinsanity RX/257 Ed RX/292 Special K RX/294 Michelle 10/35/s/226

7:00 Thee People's Coach RX/313 Jennay RX/294

8:00 Sam RX/359

9:00 Beetle RX/253 John Mc. RX/330 Ethan RX/347 Anthony 20/53/s/243 Mark 14/35/s/276 Gary RX/340 Sam B. 16/35/s/228 Angie 10/35/s/282 Jess C. 44/s/204 Genelle 14/53/s/222 Sophie 10/35/s/223 Randall Air Squat,Step up,DU,Row/208

10:00 Meaghan 14/53/s/238 Kevin RX/355 MKC RX/262 Tom RX/225 Miller Time RX/201 Fred RX/351

4:00 Sink 20/70/S/ 225 Tom K 14/35/S/238 Beck 14/44/S/204 Barbie 10/27/DU/ 244 Jen M 14/53/S/214 Sarah R 14/35/S/291 Christy Rx 183

6:00 Shawn S Rx/442 Audrey 10/25/S/393 Malopy Rx/427 Adrian Rx/285 Matt B S/299

7:00 Dan Mc/ Came in. Got a neck rub. Went home. Terri Rx/ 197 Allie 164 minus singles Drake S/53/238 Sonntag Rx/299 Brett Rx/230 Nestor S/44/ 255 Marlene S/10/27/ 413 Jcohn S/44/281 Nick R 35/113 Eric B S/334