Rest/Open Gym/CF Kids-JV/Thank You

BBFB Group Shot WebSunday October 18, 2015

CF Kids:JV(6-12 years)12:00-12:35pm

Open Gym:9:00-11:00am

News/Notes: Thank you all who participated and/or donated to our Barbells for Boobs team event. We had a tremendous turnout for "Grace meets a Hero" yesterday. In all we raised $2100 for Barbells For Boobs and Mammogram testing. The support and outpouring of generosity is overwhelming. For those who dropped off checks or cash and asked for nothing in return, thank you so much! We want to congratulate Tommy Mc for winning a pair of Nano 5.0's and Kate Walsh on the Lululemon shopping spree. Congratulations to Beetle who won "Split The Pot" and thank you for then re-donated your winnings. You guys really are a GREAT community and it is an honor to be involved in your lives.

Thanks to all of you who are "liking" the daily web posts on Facebook.  It really is working and we are now reaching 300-400 of you a day which is a great boost.  People have been telling us they are now getting the WOD posts on Facebook to come up on their newsfeed.  This is great news, so please continue so we can expand our reach and share with the area our program.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

I have looked into thumb hole women's hoodies.  I would like to place a custom order so to not have too much overstock inventory.  The cost will be determined by how many we order.  If you are interested in a thumb hole CFB hoodie, please either leave a comment to this thread or email me at We will also be making new men's hoodies. Unfortunately no thumb holes for dudes.

Thursday October 29 we will be having Gold Standard Hydrostatic Testing come to the Box in a big cube truck to offer hydrostatic body fat testing.  The truck will be here from 3-8pm and each session will last 10 minutes.  There is a digital sign up sheet and if we fill it Danny, the owner will have the truck come earlier for a longer stay to accommodate everyone.  Click here to sign up for a time slot. Payment is check or cash only at time of service, the cost is $49 and re-tests will be $35.  In addition to the body fat analysis, you will also receive a resting metabolic calorie analysis. This is important information in setting a foundation for caloric intake and weight loss. We will be happy to chat with you after your test to discuss the results. Spots are filling up quickly, so if you want a test make a reservation. Hydrostatic testing is the best and most accurate form of testing body fat outside of a controlled lab setting.  

We are going to celebrate Halloween with a costume team WOD and brunch Saturday October 31. The theme for the costumes this year will be 80's TV shows. The gym hours will be normal and we will get the WOD started by 10 after a warm up. We will then follow the WOD with festivities of a bloody mary brunch with catering by Chucks Southern Kitchen. $20 contribution covers catering and cocktails.  We look forward to a big turnout and a lot of fun.

Share with friends and family November On-ramp begins Monday November 2 at 6:00pm. Remember 20% discount to you for getting a friend or family member to sign up for On-Ramp.

On Wednesday November 4 we will not be offering open gym at 6:00, but rather we are going to invite, and she has graciously accepted, Terri McCabe to lead us in a group Pilates class/demonstration.  Terri and I have been talking for some time of the correlations  between Pilates and CrossFit.  A balance of controlled movements (Pilates) paired with powerful movements (CrossFit) builds strength and control through the entire body.  The value of Pilates with CrossFit is the education of breathing techniques, alignment of the body to help develop a strong core and improved balance and coordination.  We really hope everyone considers coming in and trying this program.  Especially our gentlemen who really need help with ROM issues.

Save the date for the 5th (yes) 5, CFB Christmas/member appreciation party. Friday December 11, 6:00pm til the booze is gone.