Thrusters-BMU/Oly Work/Boot Camp

[youtube] Thursday October 8, 2015

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

There is so much to see in this video.  There are many points of performance to observe. But we want to focus first on the transition from the clean to the jerk, notice how when she rises from the clean she thrusts a bit to push the bar off her shoulders and get her arms out from the front rack and into a press grip. Second, on the split you see in her initial dip her chest stays upright, her hip does not close and the dip is minor (Make note this barbell is loaded with 2x her body weight and still minimal dip.) On her push off the back foot comes out first and the front foot goes second. This is what we want you to start getting comfortable with.

WOD 15-12-9 Thrusters 115/80/60 Bar MUs

Skill/Strength: 4x6 Press in Split Position EMOMx8 3 Position Clean then 1 Split Jerk EMOMx4 5 Barbell Loaded Jumping Back Squat

Warm Up: 2 Rounds :30 each Jumping Jacks Squat Tuck Jumps In Place Lunges Push Ups Mountain Climbers

5:00 Mercedes  55#/R&R/6:42 Kate 45/R&B/7:12 Ray 95/PU/7:56 Jim B. 75/B/9:49 Chuck 75/PU/9:07

6:00 Vinsanity 75/C2B/8:10 Matt G. 115/C2B/12:07 Tim 75/PU/8:27 Mike Mirin' 115/C2B/7:56 Erik 115/C2B/8:35 Jose  75/B/4:59

7:00 Thee People's Coach 80/Jumping Bar MU/9:39 Ethan 115/C2B/5:56 Johnny 85/PU/8:13 Jennay  80/C2B/7:30

9:00 Corinne 60/PU/7:46 John Mc.115/JBMU/9:01 Meaghan 60/PU/8:06 Mark 75/B/9:24 Jess C. 65/G/6:50 John H. 75/G/8:35 Christy 80/PU/9:05 Genelle 65/R&P/8:57

10:00 MKR 55/PU/9:06 MKC 65/JBMU/10:17

4:00 Steve R Rowing/Squat Jail 65-C2B/9:24 Jen M 65-PU/9:36 Andy W 75-PU/12:45 Tony 95-C2B/12:22 Ehlers 95-Blue BMU/13:01 Sink 75-C2B/8:40 Gary 115-JBMU/12:05 Sam B 50-GPU/9:13 Tom K 65-PU/9:43 Reed 65-purpleC2B/9:28 Barbie 50-JBMU/8:38 Ed O KB Sit Ups-BMU/13:31 Mr. Burns 55-GPU/10:28

6:00 Shawn 105/j-bmu/11:05 Dan 95/j-bmu/8:38 Dave M. mod/bmu/7:21 Erik 95/j-bmu/11:23 Lori 60/j-bmu/12:13 Alice 55/band c2b/6:52 Audrey 25/j-pullups/7:52 Matt B. 115/c2b/11:23 Julie G. 65/c2b/9:05

7:00 Christine Mod Eric 65/pullups/11:13 Drake 75/j-bmu/10:37 Malopy RX 10:13 Brett 75/pullups/12:57