Snatch-Bar Over Burpees/Snatch Balance-3 Pos Snatch/Boot Camp

[youtube] In the video we attached we wanted to display the hip drive INTO the bar as the bar rises. Notice how at position 2 (her knees) her shoulders are over the barbell, knees are slightly bent, and she pushes her knees under the bar with ankle flexion and then thrusts her butt forward and extends knees and ankles UP, not forward.

Thursday Oct 1, 2015

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD 12-9-6-3 Full Snatch, 95/65/45 Bar Over Burpees

Skill/Strength: EMOMx5 3 Snatch Balance EMOMx7 3 Position Snatch -High Hang (No Bend in hip)Practice hip thrust into bar -Hang (just above knees) Work on keeping knees slightly bent, hamstrings loaded with shoulders over the bar, pushing knees under the bar and thrusting hip into the bar. -Floor, Controlled pull off the floor as knees get out of the way of the bar (knees back up not bar around knees,) then continue with hang notes.

Warm Up: 600 m Row then Group Dynamic Warm Up then Burgener

5:00 Mercedes 45/8:28 Debbie 85# Cleans/7:48 Kate 25/8:19 Meghan 45/8:23 Lisa Rx/7:54 Matt K. Rx/7:26 Andy Rx/7:30 Glenna 30/9:00

6:00 Special K. Rx/8:11 Juliette 25/6:48 Jennay Rx/5:19 Jose 65/6:08 Matt G. Rx/9:38 Silent Assassin 75/9:18 Vinsanity 65/7:16 Mike Mirin' 75/7:07 Victor 65/9:12

7:00 Brett 75# power snatch/8:12 Beetle Rx/6:54 Curtis Rx/6:31

9:00 Meghan 55/11:11 Corinne Rx/7:55 Christy Rx/8:31 Eddie Rx/5:28 John Mc Rx/7:25 Mark 55# power snatch/8:29 Gary Rx/6:25 Melissa T. 15/9:21

10:00 Lori 45# power snatch/8:23 Chris K. 95# power snatch/8:23 MKC Rx/7:40 Ken 65# Power Snatch/9:50

4:00 Andy W 95 Pwr Snatch/10:44 Tony 75/9:25 Chris E Rx 9:40 Mr Burns Lifting Sink 95/ 10:32 Tom K 45/8:56 Anne 45/9:10 Kate Z 45/ 10:35 Barb 45/ 9:01 Tommy Rx 8:10

6:00 Shit break: Rx 11:56 Christine Power/65/7:23 Ed O'R 135/power/7:47 Dawn 55/6:52 Joanna Power/55/5:53 Nick 75/9:42 Shawn Rx 8:36 Steve 45/11:16 Matt Rx 10:31 Malopy Rx 5:34 Adrian Power/95/8:43 Dave Rx 4:33

7:00 Erik 75/9:18 Miller time 75/10:10 Jcohn 65/11:26