343 Memorial WOD/Happy BDay Mr. Burns/Softball Tomorrow-Kennedy Park

9-11Friday Sept 11, 2015

!!!Happy Birthday Mr. Burns!!!

Box Closed tomorrow for TV Commercial. Please join us for Team WOD at Kennedy park for an AM vs. PM Softball game. 9:30am at the Northeast corner softball field. Bring bats and balls if you have them.

If you can, please arrive early to get loose. This can be a long WOD so we will have minimal time for mobility. We know this looks, and will be very difficult, but please remember the sacrifice and come and work hard in the Fallen's honor. We would greatly appreciate a high turnout for all class sessions today to do our little part to memorialize the heroes of that tragic day.

WOD "343" 100 Deadlifts 145/115 30 m Lunges 100 Power Cleans 95/65 30 m Lunges 100 Power Snatch (G2OH) 65/35 43 Burpees

Men load a 45# pound bar – women load a 15# bar. First plate is 10#, second plate 15#, third plate 25#. Remove the outer plate after the completion of each lift. (Women can also load a ladies bar. Inner plate 15#, Outer plate is 25#. Snatch will be done with empty bar.

Skill/Strength: Station Set Up

Warm Up: 500 m Row then Group Dynamic Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes Rx 50:44 Maria Rx 58:18 Ray Rx +20# Vest/51:58 Matt K Rx +Body Armor/47:26 (First 343) Phil Rx 62:06 (First 343) Lisa Rx 38:08 Rich Rx 50:51 (First 343)

6:00 Matt G Rx 47:12 Jose 95-75-65/34:23 Kathy 55-35-25/43:39 Michelle 55-35-35/47:45 Special K 41:56 Jennay Rx 37:58 Dan B Rx 35:00 Erik W Rx 40:43

7:00 TPC Rx 45:17 Curtis Rx 42:03 John Mc Rx+Bunker gear/43:12

9:00 Milo 115-75-75+ Bunker Gear/51:49 Dan S Rx 45:15 Jess C 85-65-35/43:09 Christy Rx 41:57 Meaghan Rx 52:41 Eddie Rx 32:56

10:00 Tommy Rx+ Vest/45:11 Brett Rx 48:35 Genelle Rx + Vest/46:46 PJ Rx 37:01

4:00 Chris RX+ Vest/39:02 Miller Time RX/39:44 Mr. Burns 35/43:40 Ed RX+ Vest/38:56 Sew RX/42:55 Barbara RX/43:28 Kevin RX+ Vest/39:05 Geri 55/35/15/47:18 Joanna RX/38:30 Dawn 85/65/35/34:52 Sarah RX/36:45 Tom K. 145/55/45/43:11 Doug RX/5:24 MKC RX/33:52 Terri 105/55/35/46:26 Dan 95/75/65/ 55:10 Jeremy RX/39:09

5:00 Tim G. RX/45:59 Adrian RX/37:49 Erik S RX/48:13 Jail RX+ Vest/41:01 Julie G. RX+ Vest/44:14 Mr. Reed RX/49:20 Alice 55/50/40:57 Kate Z RX/48:55 Juliette 65/25/25/30:58

6:00 Jess D. RX+ Hoodie/32:09 Christine RX/39:01 Lori RX/44:56 Matt B. RX/39:13 Malopy RX/30:45 Debbie RX+ Vest/41:26!! Chuck Vest 115/65/55/43:46 Eric RX/63:38