Burpees-Pull Ups-Run/Mobility/CF Kids

lifestyle Wednesday August 19, 2015

CF Kids: JV(6-12 years) 11:10-11:45am Varsity (13-17 years) 12:00-1:00pm WOD 5 Rounds 12 Burpees 12 Pull-Ups 200m Run

Skill/Strength: Mobility -Shoulders -Hips/Hamstrings then EMOMx8 Odd:30 DUs (90 singles) Even:20 Russian KB Swings 80/62/53

Warm Up: Group DROM then 5 min of Cindy -Pull Ups -10 Push Ups -15 Air squats

5:00 Debbie Rx/16:32 Anne B/16:34 Beetle Rx/16:25 Adrian Rx/19:33 Matt K. Rx/16:38 Rich B/17:57 Ray Rx/16:42 Meghan B.R./17:08

6:00 Jenny Rx/mobility (too sore to wod :/) Andy Rx/ 16:45 Vin Rx/ 17:26 Victor Rx/ 18:38 Mike Rx/14:41 Dan Rx/14:38 Joe Rx/ 18:36

7:00 Kate B.P./22:07 Brett R/23:17

9:00 John H. B/22:25 Sophie R+G/19:41 Corinne Rx/15:51 Meaghan Rx/26:33 Eddie Rx/15:05 Dan S. B/22:04 Michelle B+G/22:56 Kathy R+R/22:22

10:00 Chris K. B/22:26 Glenna P+G/23:17 Genelle P+B/20:32