Pull Ups-Push Press-Deads/Snatch work/Boot Camp

Thursday July 23, 2015 Boot Camp: 5:00-6:00pm

WOD 3 Rounds 21 Pull ups 15 KB Push Press 35/27/18 all x2 9 Deadlifts 255/175/125

Skill/Strength: EMOM10 Go through each %, 2 rounds Snatch 3 reps at 70% 3 reps at 75% 2 reps at 80% 2 reps at 85% 1 rep at 90% *These do not need to be TnG, but rather use good form for each lift each round. Grab plates and load bar so it is easy to add and remove weight.

Warm Up: 500 m Row then OHS w/ Empty Bar Push Ups Ring Rows Plate G2OH Thrusters w/ Empty Bar then Burgener

5:00 Mercedes R/18/125/9:10 Meghan R&B/20/125/11:39 Wendy P&G/18/125/9:36 Anne R&B/20/55/9:00 Ray 205/11:51 Rick Jumping PU/27/165/10:48 Matt K. RX/10:32 Adrian 185/10:23

6:00 Andrea B/20/95/10:25 Victor 20/175/10:21 Jennay HRPU/27/175/10:21 Dan B. RX/9:57 Erik RX/11:11

7:00 Thee PEople's Coach 27/225/9:40 Matt G. RX/12:14 Curtis RX/8:40 Brett B/27/175/12:49 Tim 27/225/11:45

9:00 Dan S. 27/225/12:36 Tiffany 10/85/12:06 Sophie G&B/9/85/10:47 Anthony 35/135/7:26 Angie G/18/105/12:20 Mark B/18/185/12:42 Mel Ring Rows/25/135/11:30 Eddie 225/6:50 Christy B&P/11:46

10:00 Jen M. R/20/135/10:30 Corinne RX/14:08 Kevin 225/8:05 Genelle B/18/105/10:36 MKC Ring Rows/12:30

4:00 JoAnna Rx/15:05 Kate G/27/155/14:38 Chris E. Rx/11:41 Doug G/27/225/13:06 Matt Sz. R/35/175/13:18 Ed O'Ryan Rx/9:46

6:00 Lori 18/125/11:31 Dave Rx/6:19 Julie B+P/135/13:54 Millertime B+P/225/9:10 Dawn 155/14:22

7:00 Eric B. 35/205/19:23 Dan L. 27/185/13:15 Jcohn B+P/25/185/19:19 Tim M. 27/155/13:06 Kaylie B+P/18/135/15:08 Matt B. R/35/255/16:04