Grinder/Mobility/CFKids/Happy BDay Fred and Marlene

imagesWednesday July 22, 2015

!!!Happy Birthday Fred!!! !!!Happy Birthday Marlene!!!

CF Kids:JV (6-12 years) 11:10-11:45am Varsity (13-17 years) 12:00-1:00pm

WOD 5-4-3-2-1 of: Overhead Squat 115/85/65 Bar Muscle up/Burpee C2B *Followed by 20 Back rack walking lunge 155/115/85 Into… 5-4-3-2-1 of: Power Snatches 135/95/70 Box Jumps 30/24/20 *Followed by 20 Front rack walking lunge 135/95/70 Into… 5-4-3-2-1 of: HSPU Squat Clean 155/115/85 *Followed by 20 OH walking lunge 155/115/85

*Only Lunge once every round.

Skill/Strength: Mobility then EMOM6 Odd: 10 Med Ball Cleans Even: 6 Burpees

Warm Up: 400 m Run then Snatch Balance KB Snatches Wall Walks Jumping Lunges Mountain Climbers

5:00 Debbie 75-PU/65/1AM-85-65(lunges)/20:12 Anne 45-PU/35/35 front squat-box/19:05 Chuck 55-PU/55-24/55-box/21:00 Ray 55-PU/105/95-box/21:04 Jim B. 55-PU/55-24/55-box/20:00 (- last set of lunges)

6:00 Kathy 45-PU/45-20/45-35 Push Press/19:15 Michelle 45-PU/45-20/45-box/18:50 Dan 115-c2b/115/115-1AM/20:34 Victor 85-PU/85-24/85-box/22:11 Mike 95-pU/95/95-1AM/20:49

7:00 Joanna 65-c2b/65-20/85-2AM (65 lunges)/23:36 Kate 25-PU/25-20/15-box/20:30 Emily 55-PU/55-20/55-3AM/22:40 Jose 75-PU/75-24/95-Box/21:27 Travis 115-PU/Rx/155 front squat (135 OHS)/23:40 Matt G. 115-c2b/135-24/135-box/25:33

9:00 Sarah 55-PU/55-20/55-box/18:20 John H. 65-PU/65-24/65-box/21:17 Christy 75-PU/65-20/65-box/17:46 John Mc 115-c2b/Rx/155-1 AM/25:32

10:00 MKC 65-c2b/65-20/85-2-AM/20:20 Kevin 95-c2b/115/135/23:30 Eddie 115-c2b/Rx/155-1-AM/26:23 Tiffany 55-PU/55-18/55-1-AM/26:27 Jess C. 65-PU/65-20/75-box/25:20