Beach WOD/Box Closed/Happy BDay Coach

john party hat Sunday July 19, 2015

***Box Closed***


News/Notes: We are gonna mix things up and be a little spontaneous today.  We are gonna go to Hammond Beach in Hammond, IN and have a beach WOD.  Enjoy a lovely summer day with a little workout, some swimming and then brunch at the Horseshoe Casino.  All are welcome and encouraged to join us.  We will meet at the Box at 8:00am for carpool and head out by 8:20 at the latest.  If you can't meet at the Box, we will get started on the beach at 9:00, but expect more like 9:15.  Click here for directions.  We hope to see many of you there.

We will begin a new On-Ramp Monday August 3 at 6:30 pm.  Please tell friends and family interested in CrossFit that this is a great opener to joining CFB.  Please have them direct any questions to  Thanks.

We have reached out and are working on getting a Nutritionist to work with us on a regular basis.  We are still working out details, but I have requested to have this person come in and start with a seminar (much like the Lil Rikki seminar should have gone) and then individualized programming for those who want the extra help and coaching.  We have requested focus on macro counting and anti-inflammation foods.  Beyond that you can discuss your specific wants and needs.  We will keep you posted once we have ironed out details.

Some of us are working in the back of the Box on an Oly program.  This is a 12 week cycle, supplemental to everyday WODs, where we are trying to improve our Snatch and C&J numbers as well as get better at the mechanics.  Columbus Weightlifting has been so kind to give me an Excel template where we can plug in personalized numbers for anyone interested in following the program.  It is by no means easy and it will consume an additional 1.5 hours of your day 4 days a week, but, we think it is a very effective program and we are excited to be adopting it and eager to share with all of you.  If anyone is interested please email me, with your Snatch, C&J and Back Squat 1RM and I will respond with a custom program.

We have purchased a case of Natural Grips for those who are looking for protection on your hands.  We have a variety of colors and ring sizes.  This product has been featured on "Shark Tank" and is having tremendous success in the CrossFit community.  If you worry about ripped hands give these a try.  They are $23 a pair and will save you the agony of torn calluses and ripped palms.

We have amassed quite the Lost/Found.  There are quite a few pairs of Rogue wrist wraps along with sweatshirts and fleeces.  Please take a look (on and under the coat rack) if anything belongs to you.  If it is still there by Friday we will be dropping it in the donation box across the street.  Thanks.

CrossFit Kids summer schedule is in full swing.  We had a great turnout this first week of the program and look forward to many more of you bringing you brining your kids in for a quality program. JV will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:10am and Varsity will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:00pm.  If your kids have half days at camp either in the morning or later in the afternoon, this is a great outlet to supplement their summer routines.  It is also an extraordinary program to prepare for fall or winter school sports.

We are running our Summer College program for all students home from college for the summer. Spread the word that $250 get all college aged athletes home from access to CrossFit while they are home from school. This is a great avenue to get them, or keep them conditioned for going back for Fall.

Also, share with friends and family who may be intimidated by CrossFit about the Boot Camp run by Erika every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00pm. We will continue to honor the Groupon rate of $84 for 12 sessions. Join us during the next couple of weeks as Jess will be subbing for Erika.

As always, if you have comments or concerns please address them to  You will get a reply within 48 hours.  We want everyone's experience to be the best it can be; we can not help or fix what is fragile if we are not informed or do not know.  Communicate with the administration and we will do our best to rectify any issues. We would also love to hear positive feedback as well.  What are we doing right?  What would you like to see or do more of?