CF Total/CF Kids Daytime Summer Schedule Begins/Happy BDay Sean

CFB 2nd Annual Pool Party Monday June 29, 2015

***Happy Birthday Sean Ryan***

CF Kids New Schedule today. JV (6-12 years)11:10-11:45am Varsity (13-17 years)12:00-1:00pm

WOD CrossFit Total Retest Back Squat 1RM Retest Strict Press 1RM Retest Deadlift 1RM all 5-3-2-1-1-1 climbing to 1RM. Rest should be 1:30-2:00 between sets.

The CrossFit Total is to get a combined score of 1RM for all three movements, back squat, strict press, deadlift. The order of work is Back Squat, strict press then deadlift. The rep scheme is 5 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps 1, 1, 1. 5, 3 and 2 are warm ups. By your first 1 you should be at where you finished your 5's last week. The second 1 should be your previous 1RM (unless you have already blown that out of the water with your 5's last week) If the latter is the case add load that you know you can manage for a 1. Your final 1 should be a new 1RM. For Strict Press the warm up sets (5, 3 and 2) and your new 1RM will be pretty close in weight. By your first 1 you should be at your previous 1RM and the final two 1's should be small climbs where you create new 1RM's. Lastly the deadlift. Your warm up sets (5,3 and 2) will have big jumps in numbers, and just like the back squat your first 1 should be the last set of 5 you did last week. The jumps in the last two 1's should be small so not to shock the CNS so be smart in your climbs on the deadlifts.

Warm Up: 300 m Row Sprint Then Goblet Squats Hang KB Snatches Thrusters w/ empty Bar GHD Sit Ups Inch Worms then Hip Mobility

*Squat/Press/Deadlift/TOTAL 5:00 Mercedes 125/60/175=360 Lisa 160/75/185=420 Adrian 265/165/315=745 Phil 315/165/345=825

6:00 Jennay 235/90/285=610 Erik 305/140/340=785 Sean 255/150/305=710 Victor 245/110/300=655 Andy 235/?/?=?

7:00 Tim 315/155/355=825 Shawn 275/170/265=710 Curtis 305/150/385=840

9:00 Danny 85/65/65=215 Sam B. 230/105/235=570 Scott 225/155/295=575 John W 455/175/350=980

10:00 Dan S. 245/135/365=745 Alyssa 135/65/125=325 Joanna 160/ Dan Mc 215/115/305=635 Tom 200/135/375=830 MKC 200/85/230=515

4:00 Coffey 330/155/400=885 Malopy 315/165/395=865 Christine 170/85/230=485 Chris K 225/135/255=615 Doug 275/145/325=745 Kate 110/60/135=305 Ryan 305/145/345=795 Tom O 295/155/315=765 Shelby 200/100/225=525 Sarah R 140/60/205=405 Barb 125/65/165=355 Clare 125/60/165=350 Terri 145/80/165=390

6:00 Erik 240/130/365=735 Julia 75/50/85=210 Annette 95/60/125=280 Jail 165/95/215=475 Dan 215/90/295=600

7:00 Marlene 95/51/125=271 Nestor 195/105/215=515 Catie 130/70/175=375 Eric 220/150/285=655 Jcohn 195/135/235=565