Running Chipper/Pizza Game-T2B/Boot Camp

pat-sherwood-quoteTuesday June 16, 2015

Boot Camp Tonight:5:00-6:00pm

WOD 22 min Cap 400m Run 26 HRPU 400m Run 26 KB Swings 53/35/27 400m Run 26 Abmat Sit-Ups 400m Run 26 Double-Unders 400m Run 26 Box Jumps 24/20/20 Step Up

Skill/Strength: 3 min "Tip The Pizza" Pizza falls=5 Burpees then back in the game

E2MOMx5 12 unbroken T2B

Warm Up: 2 Rounds :40 each Jumping Jacks Mountain Climbers Inch Worms Jumping Squats Then Shoulder Mobility

5:00 Mercedes RX/20:56 Wendy 27/S/104 reps + 200 Meters Rich 35/DU/20/17:56 Jessica D. (Row) 35/DU/16:46

6:00 Victor RX/15:58 Jose 44/S/16:37 Mike Mirin' 53/S/14:57 Dan B. RX/14:39 Vin RX/14:37 Sean 44/S/17:03 Katie RX/18:17 Jennay RX/18:39 Maggie RX/14:50 Michelle 29/S/18/20:45 Kathy 20/S/20:43

7:00 Thee People's Coach RX/17:14 Shawn RX/14:49 Jim 53/S/19:22 Tim 53/S/19:11 Emily 25/S/19:54

8:00 Sam RX/12:14

9:00 John Mc Rx/17:25 Phil S/17:22 Mimi 27/20:32 Eddie Rx/13:28 Freddie Rx/16:06 Jack 25/14:44

10:00 Matt G. Rx/17:09 Amy 25/S/20:46 Sophie Rx/18:53 Genelle 27/S/20:22 Frank Rx/12:23

4:00 Sink 27/S/21:44 Ron 53/S/20:39 Reed 27/S/18:56 Chris K. 53/S/18:18 Chris E. Rx/15:12 Kate Z. 35/S/24:35 Jail Rx/18:06 Coffey2 Rx/20:02 Jen Rx/20:37 Dan Mc 35/19:45 Alice 27/S/17:20 Terri Rx/19:49 Tom 27/S/20/21:02 Sarah 35/S/17:26

6:00 Tony 44/S/18:25 Ashley Rx+/24/12:54 Coffey Rx/16:39 Debbie Rx/15:43 Jeremy Rx/17:23 Julie Rx/19:41 Marlene 18/S/17:56 David Rx/13:01 JoAnna Rx/17:50 Ed Row/15:42 Lori Rx/17:20 Jackie Rx+44/24/18:13 Sonntag Rx/17:01

7:00 Nick Rx/16:16 Kaylie S/18:58 Christine Rx/18:24 Nestor 44/S/21:40 Jcohn 35/S/22:56-162 Nick R. 18/S/26:34-140 Eric 44/S/28:49-140