Cindy-Snatches-Cindy/Snatch Skill

images (1) Thursday June 11, 2015

**Boot Camp Tonight** 5:00-6:00pm

WOD 5 Rounds of Cindy 20 Squat Snatches 115/95/70 5 Rounds of Cindy

Skill/Strength: EMOM7 Pocket High Pull + Hang High Pull + Hang Squat Snatch

Pocket High Pull - Start with the bar at your hips, knees bent, vertical torso. Extend aggressively through knees and pull bar up your torso. Hang High Pull - Start with the bar at mid thigh with your chest over the bar. Slowly bring the bar to your pockets and pull up your torso.

Warm Up: 400 m Run then Jumping Squats Burpee Pull Ups OH Walking Lunges Snatch Balance w/ Empty Bar Ball Slams

5:00 Mercedes R&B/35/18:43 Debbie 65/15:31 Meghan R&B/55/18:25 Phil 95/20:45 Jessica D. Lunges/75 P-Snatch/15:45

6:00 Erik 95/15:37 Mel 45/10 snatches/20:00 Kathy R&R/45 Front Squat/19:39 Vin 75/18:19

7:00 Curtis Mod/P-Cleans/16:49 Thee People's Coach 65 OHS/14:39

9:00 Beetle RX/15:39 John Mc. RX/16:35 Eddie RX/14:39 Mimi G&P/40/18:58 Tom 95/9:48 Adil 45/9:48 Jess C. G/55/18:21 Nola Mod. Box Jumps/45/13:51 Jack 35/11:36 Mark B/35/24:03

10:00 Mal Jumping PU/75/16:36 MKC 75/18:27 Kevin 95/13:28 Sophie B&P/35/18:09 Hannah Montana 65/20:11 Tom 95/16:07

4:00 Chris K. 95/17:52 Doug P+R/55/22:28 Jen 55/19:26 Tom G/45/21:44

6:00 Meaghan 55/25:40 Malopy Rx/15:02 Coffey Rx/19:49 Eric B. 65/DNF Lori B/mod cleans/65/15:24 Ashley Rx/17:24 Fred Rx+145/13:01 Carolyn mod ring row/mod clean/35/16:01 Milo 85/DNF Marlene P/25/19:44 Nestor 85/23:08 Jackie Rx/20:53

7:00 Ron 75/23:06 Jeremy 95/14:40 Reed B/55/22:51 Christine 55/16:25 Dave Rx+135/11:22 Matt B. R/115/23:04