Rest/Open Gym/CF Kids-JV

Rest-Day-3Sunday June 7, 2015

Open Gym:9:00-11:00am

CF Kids: JV(6-12 years)12:00-12:35

News/Notes: News/Notes: We would like to welcome our newest addition to the CFB Staff. Jess D has completed her apprenticeship and is going to begin coaching solo tomorrow evening. Jess is a tremendous athlete and wonderful ambassador for CFB. With Jess's background of teaching children, she should have no problem wrangling you guys, managing and coaching great classes. We are so excited to have Jess as a part of the team.

On-Ramp begins tomorrow, Monday June 8 at 6:00pm. If you have any friends or family interested in CrossFit please let them know about the upcoming On-Ramp. To start, have them attend our Free Intro session on Wednesday at 6:00pm or next Saturday at 11:00am. Remember, a referral to On-Ramp gets you 25% off next months dues. Spread the word.

We are running our Summer College program for all students home from college for the summer. Spread the word that $250 get all college aged athletes access to CrossFit while they are home from school. This is a great avenue to get them, or keep them conditioned for going back for Fall.

CF Kids will begin summer hours Monday June 29. The Summer hours will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday. JV (6-12 year olds) 11:10-11:45am and Varsity (13-17 year olds) 12:00-1:00pm. If you have high school aged kids looking to participate in Fall or winter sport, CrossFit is a tremendous way to get them ready physically as well as mentally.

Also, share with friends and family who may not want to do CrossFit or are intimidated by CrossFit about the Boot Camp run by Erika every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00pm. We will continue to honor the Groupon rate of $84 for 12 sessions.

We are going into week 9 of our 12 week squat cycle, only 9 more squat sessions. I am seeing tremendous gains in everyones numbers and performance. Just through sheer repetition, movement has improved and you guys are really understanding how good movement can help improve your numbers. Many have commented that the deadlifts are getting easier despite getting heavier. The back squats are strengthening your posterior thus allowing for good, strong deadlifts. and I am looking forward to June 29 when we 1RM to see how this program has worked.

Saturday June 27 is the Second Annual CFB Pool Party hosted by Beetle and Angie.  We have a number of birthday's to celebrate that weekend as well as an opportunity to hang socially with your box mates and chat, drink, swim, and play games. This is an adult affair, so get a babysitter if you have children. The day begins at 3pm and food is being delivered around 5. There will be a small band performing starting at 7. Libations will be available, but if you have a drink of choice please bring it. It is a great event and Beetle and Angie are incredible hosts, it should not be missed. There is a sign up sheet above the red couch. If you plan to attend please sign up so we can get an accurate head count for the caterer.

The Granite Games Qualifier has been scheduled to begin June 17 and we are signed up as an affiliate to start a community. This is a four week in house qualifier which will act just like the Open. Based on rank you may qualify to participate in the 2015 Granite Games in St. Cloud, MN. If you do not qualify but are an active participant you will have first dibs to sign up for the Open events (teams of 2 same gender) before registration opens to the public. If you enjoyed the Open and would like to see if you can qualify for a more regional event The Granite Games is a great proving ground. For those of us who went last year we were fortunate to rub elbows with athletes like Sam Briggs, Mat Fraser, Stacie Tovar, Lauren Fisher and many other Games athletes. The event in Minnesota will be Sept 11-13, with the online qualifier beginning June 17.  Click here to register. As of today there are only five of us signed up.  I hope more will consider performing in the qualifier.

The Box will be closed Sunday June 21, 2015 for Father's Day.

As always, any comments or concerns can be addressed by emailing  We will respond within 48 hours.

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