Annie/Back Squats-Floor Press

Friday June 5, 2015 WOD Annie 50-40-30-20-10 DUs Sit Ups

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 5x5

Floor Press 5x5

Warm Up: 400 m Run then Broad Jumps OH walking Lunges Hollow Rocks Med Ball Cleans Lateral Band Walks

5:00 Mercedes S/10:14 Maria Rx 14:45 **First Annie Rx Kate S/13:27 Wendy S/10:47 Lisa Rx 7:11

6:00 Katie Rx 8:19 Victor Rx 11:32 Jose S/9:22 Erik Rx 8:52 Juliette S/11:02 Matt G Rx 9:43 Michelle S/ 12:12 Jennay Rx 8:32 **First Annie Rx Kathy S/12:22 Vin Rx 9:33

7:00 Shelby Rx 10:13 Curtis Rx 8:13

9:00 Milo S/10:29 Mimi S/10:12 Dan S S/9:22 Bill S/13:05 Sam B S/ 12:12 Nola S/ 11:44 Eddie Rx 7:07 Jess C S/ 11:53 Christy S/10:55 Bridget S/ 15:52 Jackie Rx 7:54 Fred Rx 6:55

10:00 Jeremy Rx 6:59 Chris E Rx 6:17 Tom Mc S/ 9:17 Tim G S/9:39 Terri Heart!! Dan Mc S/14:19

4:00 Rachel S/10:25 Sarah S/8:11 Jen M. S/11:18 Jen P. S/11:10 Johnny B. Rx/11:19 Ron S/10:15 Jim S/11:22 Ed Rx/7:30

5:00 Marlene S/10:10 Christine S/9:21 Nick Rx/9:30 Alice S/12:41

6:00 Debbie Rx/9:57 **1st Annie Rx** Jail Rx/6:59 MKC Rx/7:13 Malopy Rx/6:56 Becky S/11:30 Matt B. S/6:20 Chris K.S/10:25 Eric S/23:58(went beast mode and did 150 singles every Round instead of 150-120-90-60-30)