Pwr Snatch-HSPU/Back Squat-Strict Press/CF Kids All Ages

the-squat-isWednesday June 3, 2015

CF Kids: JV(6-12 years)4:10-4:45 Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

Open Gym:6:00-8:00pm

Note: "Sticky Fingers" We have had quite a few items go "missing" from the retail area with out payment. While we have an open and honest policy about our retail items this policy is being taken advantage of. Please understand, I must purchase these item to have them available to you. When items are taken from the retail area, you are taking from me personally as it costs me money which I hope to recover once you make a purchase. We do not mark up the Progenex the wrist wraps or any of the apparel, they are merely pass through so you can have access to these things if you need/want them. However, this means we expect you to pay for them. Over $100 in merchandise has gone "missing" last week. If you have taken anything from the retail area without paying or putting your name on the IOU Sheet on the refrigerator, please do the honorable thing and pay or put your name on the sheet. If you take items and plan to pay in the future, please put a note in the box or on the IOU Sheet. We unfortunately need to post this because it is becoming epidemic. While we would certainly like to address this on an individual basis this is the only and best avenue to communicate to those responsible. We are dismayed we must post this, but it is no longer a nickel and dime situation anymore.

WOD 12 min Cap 5 Rounds 12 Power Snatches 95/65/45 6 HSPU

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 5x5

Strict Press 5x5

Warm Up: 2 min DUs then 2 Rounds :40 each Jumping Jacks Mountain Climbers Inch Worms Jumping Squats then Mobility

5:00 Mercedes Mod DL55/Box/5:28 Kate 25/Box/7:28 Matt 75/Box/9:23 Debbie 55/2AB/11:34 Maria 45/Box/8:38 Melissa 25/Box/6:58

6:00 Katie 65/2AB/11:35 Sean 65/2AB/10:28 Mike 75/1AB/6:53 Tim M. 65/Box/8:58 Julie 25/Box/6:15 Matt G. 95/2AB/11:48 Dan B. Rx/11:38 Jenny 65/2AB/7:20 Erik Rx/12:00 Jose 65/Box/7:05 Vin 65/2AB/10:05

7:00 JoAnna 55/3AB/10:30 Brett 75/Box/10:56

8:00 Erika Rx/10:45

9:00 John Mc 95/box/10:55 Beetle Rx/11:29 Miller Time 95/box/9:15 Sam B. 45/box/10:00 Becky 55/1 AB/11:35 Johnny B. 65/1 AB/9:44 Jess C. 45/box/10:01 Christy 65/box/9:15 Tim G. 85/1 AB/10:45 Grande 95/1 AB/9:33

10:00 John W. 95 hang power snatch/box/10:07 Sarah 50/box/8:41 Uncle Jesse Rx/80 reps Mal 65/2 AB/8:11 MKC 65/2 AB/85 reps John V. 95/box/8:00 Frank Rx/10:49