Row-SDHP-Wall Walks/Back Squat-Strict Press/Box CLOSED over Weekend

quotes-all-day-13-11-0201 (1)Friday May 29, 2015

***Box Closed this weekend for USAW Cert*** As it is scheduled to rain all day Saturday, we are going to forego the Park WOD scheduled for this weekend. If the weather holds out grab a buddy and hit the stairs at Swallow Cliff, go for a neighborhood run or go to Dan Ryan Woods and do hill repeats on the old toboggan hills. Enjoy the weekend...GO HAWKS!!!

If you are interested in some extra coaching on your Olympic lifts and you are around today between 2-6pm please join us here at the Box for a special coaching session by Mark Cannella of Columbus Weightlifting. The four hour session will cover eyes on you for your snatch and Clean and Jerk. Cost is $40 per person and the session will start promptly at 2pm WOD 50/40 Cal Row 30 KB SDHP 15 Wall Walks/Decline Push Ups

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 5x5

Strict Press 5x5+5#

Warm Up: 2 min DUs then 2 Rounds :40 each Jumping Jacks Inch Worms Mountain Climbers Jumping Squats

5:00 Maria 35-DPU/7:36 Mercedes 27-DPU/6:13 Reese 70-DPU/8:09 Kate 27-DPU/6:21 Wendy 35-DPU/6:14 Matt K Rx 7:41 Meghan W 35-DPU/6:15

6:00 Katie Rx 10:52 Andrew 53/10:55 Erik Rx 9:17 Matt G Rx 10:36 Jennay Rx 8:55 Andy 27-DPU/8:07 Dan B Rx 7:13 Vin Rx 10:00 Maggie Rx 10:39

7:00 TPC 44-DPU/6:46 Curtis 70-DPU/4:39 Gary Lifting John V 44/10:09 Frank Rx 6:20

9:00 Beetle Rx 5:45 Christy 53-DPU/5:27 Angie 35 DPU/6:42 Mark 35-DPU/6:25 Jess C 35-DPU/6:37 John W 70-DPU/6:41 Nacho Bel Grande Rx 7:40

10:00 Tom Mc Rx 9:50 Dan S 70-DPU/4:50 Mallory Rx 7:21 Amy K 20/10:30 Alyssa 27-DPU/7:13

4:00 Chris K. 62#/8:46 Nick RX/9:48 Tom K. 35/9:00 MKC RX/10:12 Dawn RX/10:06

5:00 Hannah Montana RX/10:24 Adrian RX/9:12 Johnny B. RX/8:45 Steve 35/DPU/8:38

6:00 Julie RX/12:41 Alice 27/DPU/8:12 Gareth RX/7:24 Matt B. RX/15:30 Eric 44/DPU/10:18