Randy-Thrusters-T2B/Clean Complex/Boot Camp/Happy BDay Kelly

  Thursday May 28, 2015

!!!Boot Camp Tonight!!!5:00-6:00pm

***Happy Birthday Kelly***

WOD "Randy" 75 Power Snatches 75/55/45 then 15-12-9 Thrusters 75/55/45 T2B

Skill/Strength: "Big Clean Complex" *6 sets of the following Complex...Climbing High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Press High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Split Jerk *A round is all 12 movements. The desired goal is to go the round unbroken. After the Split Jerk add weight. Start at a manageable weight and climb accordingly.

Warm Up: 500 m Row then Ball Slams Wall Balls Jumping Pull Ups Ring Push Ups Squat Tuck Jumps

5:00 Mercedes Mod. RKBS@27#/2:11/15#/sit ups/6:30 Kate 25/6:36/K2E/13:06 Reese 65/5:08/K2E/14:07 Lisa RX/5:50/RX/12:26 Phil RX/7:08/RX/16:28 Jessica D. Lifting

6:00 Katie RX/7:59/RX/16:51 Michelle 35/8:26/K2E/16:20 Maggie RX/8:10/RX/15:20 Jose 65/5:50/T2B/14:05 Tim M.65/8:04/T2B/16:27 Victor 65/7:08/T2B/14:44 Sean 65/7:40/T2B/16:10 Matt G. 65/7:30/T2B/17:50 Jennay RX/5:06/RX/12.21.999 Mike Mirin'65/7:05/T2B/13:24 Andy 65/9:13/T2B/19:46 Shawn 65/6:56/T2B/15:45 Erik 65/6:45/T2B/13:04 Dan B. RX/6:27/RX/12:47 Malopy RX/5:17/RX/12:35

9:00 Dan S. 65#/7:53/65#/18:12 Christopher RX/7:24K2E/17:54 John Mc. RX/6:12/RX/14:53 Miller Time RX/6:52/RX/16:18 Mark 45/6:20/45/18:18 Christy RX/7:40/RX/16:20 Jess C. 35/8:18/45/K2E/17:24 Eddie RX/5:53/RX/12:25

10:00 Chris K. 55#/5:12/55/13:37 Tom RX/8:50/RX/17:02 John V. RX/5:00/RX/14:12 Lindsey RX/9:05/RX/17:30 MKC RX/7:06/RX/13:17 Uncle Jesse RX/9:28/RX/16:12 Genelle 45/9:22/mod/45/16:47 Alyssa 35/9:37/35/K2E/18:56 Jenelle 45/8:16/45/K2E/17:21 Kevin RX/8:53/RX/14:58

4:00 Mason Rx 7:30/FS75/14:04 Chris E. Rx/8:47/DL 165/16:28 Jess Rx/7:39/Rings TTR/17:36 Reed Rx/12:00/55KR/21:47 Ron Rx/11:00/45/21:47 Jeremy Rx/8:54/Rx/17:30 JoAnna Rx/9:35/Rx/20:35 Kate Z. 15/10:16/15/KR/17:57 Ed O'Ryan Rx/7:18/Rx/10:46 Steve B. 25/10:14/25KR/18:38 Sarah 45/7:44/45/17:01 Mallory Rx/7:24/Rx/14:30 Tom K. 45/9:30/45/KR/19:45 Hannah Rx/12:09/Rx/20:26 Milo Rx/8:37/Rx/20:06

6:00 Becky Rx/10:30/55/KR/19:49 Fred Rx/5:03/Rx/9:28 Coffey Rx/9:42/Rx/18:22 Tony 65/9:23/65/17:34 Dave Rx/6:35/Rx/11:15 Lori 30/9:20/30/15:40 Jackie Rx/7:23/Rx/13:18

7:00 Nestor 55/8:00/Rx/17:06 Corinne Rx/11:15/Rx/18:48 Eric 55/12:53/55/KR/24:44 Jcohn 55/10:39/55/KR/23:44