Helen/Heavy Cleans/Boot Camp/Sox Game Tonight

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP2ZoOXfvsw&w=560&h=315] Thursday May 21, 2015

!!Boot Camp: 5:00-6:00pm!!

*Sox vs. Indians: 7:05, Beer Garden Open at 5:30. All you can eat food and drink until 7:35*

If you are going to the Sox game with us Thursday, we have secured a school bus to drive us down. The bus will pick us up at CFB at 5:00pm and return us to CFB at conclusion of game. The bus will cost $8 per person. Please have cash available at pick up. We will distribute all Patio Passes and Game tickets to you on the bus.

WOD "Helen" 3 RFT: 400m Run 21 KB Swings 53/35/27 12 Pull ups

Skill/Strength: EMOMx3 2 SquatCleans at 70% EMOMx7 2 Squat Clean at 85%

Rest 2 min then

5x2 Halting Clean Deadlift at 85% pause for 2 seconds above the knee without reaching full extension at top

Warm Up: 500 m Row then Burpee Pull Ups Pry Squats Snatch Balance Inch Worms OH Walking Lunges Then Burgener for Cleans

5:00 Mercedes 27# RKBS/R&G/11:59 Kate 20/R&B/13:03 Debbie RX/12:51 Melissa 18/R&B/12:36 Meghan 35/R&B/13:20 Jessica D. Lifting Joe 53/R/12:44 Matt K. RX/11:59 Matt B. 53/R/12:01

6:00 Victor RX/12:39 Sean RX/14:02 Tim M. 44/B/13:56 Dan B. RX/11:29 Malopy RX/10:21 Jennay Lifting Tons Jose 35/G/11:03 Andrea 27/P&P/14:59 Kathy 25/R&R/15:28 Vin RX/12:18

7:00 Thee People's Coach RX/13:05

9:00 Beetle RX/11:41 John Mc RX/14:14 Angie 27/R&G/16:44 Corinne RX/12:54 Christopher RX/14:33 Jess C. 27/G/13:55

10:00 Ashley RX/8:58 Mimi Row/27/R&G/15:03 Genelle 27/R&B/15:03 S. Reed 27/B/13:48 Tom RX/11:56 MKC RX/12:55 Chris 35/12:53 Lauren 20/G&P/14:30 Gary RX/13:00 Bridget 18/G/13:49 Ed Row/9:55

4:00 Jeremy Rx/11:33 Jail Rx/12:39 Mason 35/10:39 Chris E. Rx/10:57 Jen Rx/14:15 Matt G. Rx/13:38 Tony 44/13:40 Dan Mc 35/12:31

6:00 Dave Rx/9:03 Ron Rx/15:08 Marlene 18/P/12:12

7:00 Hannah Rx/13:26 Kaylie 35/R+P/13:59 Nestor 44/16:03 Mallory Rx/11:16 Jcohn 35/G/15:55 Eric Row/35/24:47 Steve Row/27/G/20:57