SDHP-Hops-Burpee/Back Squat-Strict Press/CF Kids

Wednesday May 20, 2015 CF Kids: JV(6-12 years) 4:10-4:45 Varsity(13-17 years) 5:00-6:00pm

Open Gym: 6:00-8:00pm

If you are going to the Sox game with us Thursday, we have secured a school bus to drive us down. The bus will pick us up at CFB at 5:00pm and return us to CFB at conclusion of game. The bus will cost $8 per person. Please have cash available at pick up. We will distribute all Patio Passes and Game tickets to you on the bus.

WOD 7 min AMRAP 8 KB SDHP 70/53/35 20 lateral hurdle hops 6 Burpees

Skill/Strength: Back Squats 5x5 Same weight as Monday

Strict Press 5x5 (Same weight as Friday 5-15)

Warm Up: 500 m Row then Ring Push Ups Inch Worms Hang KB Snatch Snatch Balance w/ Empty Bar Squat Tuck Jumps

5:00 Mercedes 27/4+10 Reese 53/3+8 Melissa 20/3+20 Joe L. Rx/3+30 Jim B. Rx/4 Rich 53/5+4 Debbie Rx/4+22 Lisa Rx/5

6:00 Katie Rx/4 Vic Rx/4+3 Matt G. Rx/4+15 Tim M. 62/4+18 Dan B. Rx/6+5 Jenny Rx/5+8 Michael Rx/4+30 Vin Rx/5+18 Andrea 35/3+31

7:00 JoAnna Rx/3+23 Brett Rx/3+19 Erika Rx/5+23

9:00 Sam B. 35/3 John Mc Rx/5+29 Tim 53/5 Becky 35/3+33 Grande 53/4+20 Frank Rx/8+6 Jess C. Rx/3+22 Christy Rx/4+1

10:00 Reed 27/4+17 Kevin 62/7+31 Hannah Montana Rx/4+9 Ed Rx/4+8 Dawn Rx/4+22 MKC Rx/5+6 Mal Rx/6 Meaghan Rx/3+31