Double AMRAP/Back Squat-Floor Press/CF Kids All Ages

crossfit-wallpaper Wednesday April 29, 2015

CF Kids: JV (6-12 years) 4:10-4:45 Varsity (13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

WOD AMRAP 7 7 Wall Balls 30 Double unders 7 C2B Then Immediately AMRAP 6 5 BJs 30/24/20 30 DUs 7 Wall balls

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 5x5 Same load as Monday

Floor Press 5x5 Same Load as Friday

Warm Up: 400 m Group Run then upon return Broad Jumps up to turf Inch Worm Back Russian Walking Lunges to turf Bear Walk back Then Hip mobility

5:00 Chuck 20/S/c2b/2+39;24/S/20/2+3 Rich 16/DU's/B/3+27;Rx/2+22 Joe L. 20/S/B/3+28;24/S/20/3+3 Dan B. Rx/4+22;Rx/4+1 Melissa 10/S/R+B/3;20/S/10/3 Wendy 10/S/B+G/3+7;20/S/10/4+9 Jim B. 20/S/G/3+17;30/S/20/2+27 Lisa 14/Du's/PU/4; Rx/3+35 Meghan 14/S/B+R/3; 20/S/14/2+35 John W. 20/mod airsquats/BL/3;20/mod/20/3

6:00 Katie 14/Du's/mod push ups/4;20/Du's/14/3+8 Mike 20/S/C2B/4;30/S/20/3+1 Michelle 14/S/G+B+R/3+4;20/S/14/2+35 Jenny 14/S/C2B/3+37;20/S/14/3+35 Tim 20/S/C2B/4;24/S/20/3+10 Erik Rx/4;Rx/3 Kathy 10/S/R+R/3+24;20/S/10/2+22 Maggie 14/DU's/JC2B/3;Rx/3+19 Vin Rx/3+37;Rx/3+5 Jose 16/S/G/4+37;30/S/16/3+5 Tim M. 20/S/B/3+40;24/S/20/3+5

7:00 Hannah Rx/3+1;Rx/2+41 John V. 20/S/G/3;24/S/20/3+5

9:00 Beetle 20/S/4+37/30'/4+5 Christy 14/S/g/?/24'/? Meaghan 10/S/PU/3/24'/2+35 Sam B. 14/S/g/4+30/18'/3+30 9-Lives Rx/6+39/Rx/4+8 Eddie Rx/6+7/Rx/4+20 Erika Rx/3/Rx/3+35 10:00 Uncle Jesse Rx 5+15/Rx/? lost count Ed Mod./Mod./all the reps Tom 20/S/PU/3+37/30'/3 Kevin Rx/4+7/Rx/3+30 Tricia 10/S/r+b/2+16/18'/2+2 MKC Rx/3+7/Rx/3+12 Jen P. 10/S/b/2+11/24'/3+1 Frank 20/DU/PU/6+4/Rx/4+37 Dan S. 20/S/3+3/24'/3+2 Erika Again! Rx/4/Rx/4+36