Mini Murph/MU Work/Boot Camp

Tuesday April 28, 2015 **Boot Camp Tonight** 5:00-6:00pm

WOD 25 min Cap Mini Murph 800 m Run 50 Pull Ups 100 Push Ups 150 Air Squats 800 m Run

Skill/Strength: Strict MU work from Knees 3 Roundsx5 reps Start rings at chin height and raise rings each round -False Grip -Use Feet/Knees as little as possible

Warm Up: 3 Rounds :40 each station Jumping Jacks Mountain Climbers Inch Worms Squat Tuck Jumps

5:00 Dan B. RX/18:35 Chris E. RX/19:48 Jim RX/24:19 Matt K. RX/19:53 Jim B. RX/@23:51 Dan S. Row/22:33 Joe B/24:54 Kate R&B/@24:30 Jen P. RX/@23:31 Meghan R&B/@23:00 John W. Row/BL./Finished 46oM of Final 800 M Ryan RX/15:49 Jessica D. RX/18:45

6:00 Mike RX/22:10 Tim R/24:25 Victor RX/23:18 Vin RX/21:25 Tim M. B/@22:53 Michelle B&G/@22:36 Kathy R&B/22:58 Maggie RX/21:32 Jennay Active Recovery RX Katie  Mod (Sit-ups for pull ups) 22:08 Jose G/21:28 Jcohn B/1,070 Reps Sean RX/18:45

7:00 Thee People's Coach RX/19:06 Curtis RX/19:59

8:00 9-Lives Rx/18:11

9:00 Matt RX/@21:20 Milo RX/24:20 John Mc. RX/22:31 Meaghan RX/@25:00 Chris B/@25:00 Eddie RX/17:30 Mark G/@23:32 Corinne R/24:25 Trish R&B/7+15

10:00 Kevin RX/20:03 Uncle Jesse RX/24:10 Dawn RX/24:46 MKC RX/24:45 James R&B/@22:09

4:00 Jeremy Rx/22:11 Reed R/left for final 800 at 22:45 Ron Rx/10 Jail Rx/23:58 Ed O'Ryan Row/19:54 Tom Rx/22:05 Lauren B+G/Left for 800 at 24:45 Maura B+G/left for 800 at 22:45 Terri Rx/9+23 Lindsey Rx/21:57

6:00 Julie R+P/mod sit ups/24:54 Alice B/22:17 Maria JPU/25:00 Dave Rx/14:28 Malopy Rx/15:30 Shawn Rx/15:33 Coffey Rx/19:04 Debbie Rx/20:16 Julie G. R+G/19:58 Lori G/mod v-ups/21:53 Gary Rx/21:19 Marlene B/22:48

7:00 Christine Rx/21:55 Nick Rx/19:54 Nestor Rx/9+10 Steve mod/5 Jackie Rx/23:20