Rest/Open Gym/CF Kids-All ages

resting gorilla Sunday April 26, 2015


Open Gym: 9:00-11:00am

CF Kids: Varsity (13-17 years) 11:00-12:00pm JV (6-12 years) 12:00-12:35pm


Next Sunday May 3 at 8:30am, Riki Long aka Coach Lil Riki will be in Chicago and will offer a presentation of Flexible Dieting. This is a program which Sam, Jail and Dan M are following with tremendous success. From Riki: "My definition of flexible dieting- I like to call flexible dieting “flexible eating” because it’s not exactly a diet, but simply monitoring your portions. This is a way of eating that we can sustain for the rest of our lives. You are given a set of calories/macronutrients that you need to reach each day, and it is up to you how you want to hit those macros. With flexible dieting there is no food shaming, no binging, no guilt, and of course no restrictions, just moderation. Without any restrictions, we are less likely to have a binge day, making flexible dieting the better choice in dieting, physically, mentally, and emotionally." This will be a 2 hour seminar and cost $40 for CFB members and $50 for non-members. Riki's boyfriend Dan Tyminski will be joining Riki and offering a snatch workshop also.  Admission fee covers both.  Click here for sign up.  There will be no Open Gym.

We will begin a new On-Ramp Monday May 4 at 6:30 pm.  Share with friends and family of the upcoming date.  If you know anyone interested in trying CF, let them know this is the BEST introduction to CrossFit.

Please join us here at the Box Saturday May 9 from 10-3 for Battle for Brayden.  Battle For Brayden is a fundraiser to help mitigate expenses for the Grayling family as they search for a cure for Brayden's battle of Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4 Stage 4 cancer, as of now there is no known cure.  We will have a special WOD created in Brayden's honor and run heats ever hour throughout the day.  We are working with the Evergreen Park Fire Dept and CPD Mounted Police to to bring over a rig and horses respectively.  Also we may have an armored truck from Illinois State Police SWAT Unit here.  We have received some very nice donations for our silent auction.  If you have any items or service you wish to donate, please see Erika for details on a contribution.  All proceeds will go to the Grayling family and their search for a cure.  Erika has set up a GoFundMe campaign for anyone willing to make a monetary donation before the event and as of today we have raised $1750 in the GOFundMe account.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

The Sox/Indians Thursday May 21, 7:05 pm is filling up wonderfully.  We have 21 people saying they are in and would love to see more come out with us. We have reserved seats in Section 106 in right field.  Tix are $21 and with our group we also get a shout out on the Jumbotron.  For $40 we can have all we can eat and drink (beer, wine, and Soft drinks, and all you can eat ribs, fried chicken, Cajun chicken, hot dogs, burgers, pasta salads, and potato salad) 90 min before game and 30 min after game starts.  Please post to "Comment Here" if we should do Game tix only or food also on the top of the thread.  It's gonna be a great night.  We have a sign up sheet in front of the office for all interested.

We are really pleased with the attendance and support of the Tue and Thurs evening Boot Camp.  We are so happy to see so many of you coming in for a second workout and trying something different.  It is indeed something different for those of you who have not been able to attend.  We are 5 weeks in and it is really quite successful.  If you haven't please share with your non-CF friends and invite them to experience our community and a boot camp like no other around.  Camaraderie, levity and a great workout.  We would love to see more new folks come into the fold.  Share with your friends we will continue to honor the $84 Groupon promo.

Our squatting program is underway and you all are doing GREAT, we will be adding 5# every monday from the previous week.  We will be peppering in the MetCons throughout the week, but we really want you all to get your squats in.  We are eager to see the result of this test on July 1 when we re-test 1RM.  For those who want that "squat booty"  this is your time.  For the PMers on Wednesday, please consider coming in for Open Gym to get the squats in.

The Granite Games Qualifier has been scheduled to begin June 17 and we are signed up as an affiliate to start a community.  This is a four week in house qualifier which will act just like the Open. Based on rank you may qualify to participate in the 2015 Granite Games in St. Cloud, MN. If you do not qualify but are an active participant you will have first dibs to sign up for the Open events (teams of 2 same gender) before registration opens to the public. If you enjoyed the Open and would like to see if you can qualify for a more regional event The Granite Games is a great proving ground. For those of us who went last year we were fortunate to rub elbows with athletes like Sam Briggs, Mat Fraser, Stacie Tovar, Lauren Fisher and many other Games athletes. The event in Minnesota will be Sept 11-13, with the online qualifier beginning June 17.  Use promo code MYCOMMUNITY (valid through May 15, 2015) for $5 off the qualifier registrations.

We will again be an official home for Forged®Memorial Day Murph Challenge.  Save the date Monday May 25 for our 4th annual Memorial Day Murph Challenge and BBQ.  I will be including some Murph prep workouts throughout the upcoming weeks.  Hopefully the weather will begin to cooperate so we can get some running WODs in.

The sign up sheet is posted for the 6th Annual LaPorte County United Way Dodgeball Tournament being held May 16 from 10:00-2:00pm at Marquette High School in Michigan City, IN.  We still need another lady!!  We preach and promote playing other sports and activities, so what can be more fun then Dodgeball for the United Way? Cost is $300 per team.  It would be great to get 2 teams if at all possible.  So far there are three of us signed up.  The sheet is hanging in front of the office.

The box will be CLOSED Saturday and Sunday May 30-31 as we will be hosting a USAW Weight lifting seminar and certification. We will make arrangements for a Park WOD on Saturday, but no activities Sunday at the Box.

Saturday June 20 is the Sayre Park Open. Sayre Park is one of the most historic weight lifting clubs in the US and is located just outside of Oak Park. A USAW sanctioned event for all weightlifting abilities. If you are interested in signing up as a representative of Beverly Area Barbell Club please see me to get your training started.

If you are on Facebook and have not done so, please "Like" CrossFit Beverly.  We post news, articles and other bits that we sometimes don't post to the "CrossFit Beverly Paleo Page."  Our Instagram page is pretty fun too.  follow us at #crossfitbeverly  Thanks.

As always, we have a forum in place to listen to you.  Your comments, concerns and anything else you need to tell us.  This is your box and we want you to feel at home.  Please address any correspondence to  we will get back to you within 48 hours.