Pull Ups-Sit Ups-DUs/Back Squat-Floor Press/No CF Kids Today/Happy BDay Nutz

celebrateWednesday April 15, 2015

!!!Happy Birthday Nutz!!!

**No CF Kids Today**

WOD 18 min Cap 1 Round 30 Pull ups 50 Sit ups 70 Double unders immediately into 2 Rounds 20 Pull ups 40 Sit ups 60 Double unders immediately into 3 Rounds 10 Pull ups 20 Sit ups 40 Double unders Log completion of each segment on your own board

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 5x5 Use weight from Monday 4-13

Floor Press Establish Heavy 5 and journal final load

Warm Up: 400 m Run Broad Jumps Inch Worms Walking Lunges 10 Burpees then Mobility session

5:00 Mercedes R+P/DU's/8:12/1+24 Joe L. B/S/6:58/17:51/3 Maria B+P/DU's/10:37/17:49 Melissa B+R/S/7:01/1+84 Jim B. G/S/8:02/1+10 Matt S/5:26/14:55/1+10 Lisa Rx/5:28/15:38/33 Jim J. Mod S/11:52/1+34 Phil S/7:17/1+72 Dan Rx/4:32/13:53/1+29

6:00 Erik Rx/5:04/15:06/1+6 Jenny Rx/9:00/1+7 Mary Kay G/S/6:30/1+74 Tim M. G/S/6:45/1+86 Vic Rx/6:10/16:30/10 Mike S/4:40/13:24/2+7 Jose G/S/6:09/16:38/30 Matt G. Rx/6:50/1+45 Julie G. G/S/6:25/14:30/3 Katie Mod pushups/5:03/14:12/1+15 Vin Rx/7:25/1+82 Andrea R+P/S/6:33/17:15/10

7:00 Mimi G+R/S/5:26/16:33/30 Brett G/8:16/1+3 John V. G/S/6:08/1+68

9:00 Frank Rx/2:00/8:00/15:10 Sam B. g/S/7:20/14:59/+25 Amanda g/S/4:10/8:30/16:20 Corinne PU/S/5:00/16:50/+30 Eddie Rx/3:15/10:30/17:59 Jessica D. Rx/2:54/9:40/15:06

10:00 Randall Rx/5:40/+356 Uncle Jesse Rx/3:31/15:46/+72 Ed Rx/6:07/15:00/+67