Lunges-Sit Ups-DUs/C&J/Boot Camp/Happy BDay Dan L

Announcement-Images5Thursday March 25, 2015

!!!Happy Birthday Dan L!!!

Boot Camp Tonight: 5:00-6:00pm

Last day of On-Ramp! If you see any On-Rampers in class after today introduce yourself and offer some help if needed. We have all been new and we know what it's like. Share with them what a warm and welcoming community you are.

15.5 Live announcement will be at 7:00pm. Join us tonight for the final LIVE announcement of this years CrossFit Games Open. Then stick around or come by this Saturday at noon for our Open wrap up BBQ. Bring a side and bring your stories. We want to revel in all the glory of this year's Open.

2 Rounds 20 Front Rack Walking Lunges 95/65/45 40 Sit Ups 60 DUs

Skill/Strength: EMOMx12: 2 Clean and Jerks - start with 75# under your 1RM and add 5-10# every minute. Use new data from last Thursday.

Warm Up: Hang KB Snatches Ring Rows Thrusters w/ Empty Bar Jumping Squats Walking Lunges then Burgener for C&J

5:00 Mercedes 45/DUs/12:03 Kate 45/10:12 Lisa Rx 6:10 Meghan 55/S/9:30 Reese 45/S/9:39 Felipe 75/S/9:10 Joe 75/S/9:49 Matt K. 95/S/6:44 Ryan Rx 5:07 Jessica D. Rx 4:25

6:00 Katie Mod./9:03 Maggie Rx 7:21 Jenny 65/S/8:33 Victor 75/DUs/10:42 Tim 75/S/8:36 Vin Rx 9:35 Erik Rx 9:16

7:00 Brett 65/DU/12:58

9:00 John Mc. RX/8:40 Matt G. RX/9:41 OJD  S/7:00 Corinne  S/6:44 Christy  S/8:09 Sam B.  35/S/8:03

10:00 Kevin RX/6:12 Tom RX/9:16 Dawn RX/10:01 Uncle Jesse RX/7:59 Meaghan S/10:49 MKC RX/7:44 OT Tracy 55/S/10:53 Ed RX/7:17 Metz 45/S/9:10 John W. Mod/11:32

4:00 Millertime Rx/8:30 Mr. Burns 45/S/10:01 Reed 55/S/8:22 Ron 65/S/10:44 Jeremy 75/9:15 Chris E. Rx/5:14 Alex Rx/7:32 Ashley Rx/5:20 Doug 45/S/9:54 Steve PVC/S/ Adrian Rx/10:27 Mel Rx/9:42 Jen M. 55/S/8:22 Jail Rx/6:06

6:00 Dave Rx+115/6:01 Tony 75/S/10:10 Malopy Rx/6:26 Debbie Rx/8:25 Glenna 45/S/11:03

7:00 Shawn Rx/6:57 Marlene 45/11:18 Terri 35/12:21 Dan Mc 45/12:37 Nestor 95/S/14:20