Chipper/Mobility/Open Gym/CF Kids

[youtube] Wednesday February 25, 2015

Join us tomorrow night, Thursday at 7pm, while we huddle around the tv to see the live announcement of 15.1. After Dave Castro announces the workout watch Rich Froning and Mat Fraser go head to head on 15.1. We have 36 CFBers signed up for The Open. There is still time to sign up. Click here.

CF Kids:JV(6-12 years)4:10-4:45pm Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

Open Gym:6:00-8:00pm

WOD 20-16-12-8 30 min cap Power Snatch 95/65/55 Burpee OHS 95/65/55 T2B Wall Balls 20/14/10

Skill/Strength: Mobility -Shoulders -Hips

Warm Up: EMOM KB Snatch Snatch Balance Jumping Squats Burpee Pull Ups Plate Pushes

5:00 Mercedes 55/14/269 Maria 45/K2E/14/205 Jess-Fran Phillip Rx/248 Jim B. 75/KR/14/196 Joe 45/KR/20/216 Matt H. 75/KR/20/256 Jakeshia 65/KR/14/224 Mel 55/14/196

6:00 Sean 65/20/256 Jenny Rx/28:00 Andrea 35/KR/10/29:59 Maggie 55/14/30:00 Tim 75/mod/27:20 Matt Rx/211 Vic 65/20/255 Julie G 25/10/21:40 Mike 75/20/25:20

7:00 Brett 65/mod FS/20/142 Hannah 55/14/29:53 Erika Rx/24:29

9:00 Corinne 55/14/264 Jess C. 55/k2e/14/240 Sam B. 55/k2e/14/185 Sonntag Rx/251 Eddie Rx 25:50

10:00 Meaghan 45/14/216 Dawn 55/14/28:55 MKC Rx/264 Genelle 45/KR/14/270 Nutz 75/16/260 Kevin 85/20/27:09 Metz 45/14/27:03 Ed 95/Mod./240