Chipper/L-Sits-Handstand Holds/Congrats Feb On-Rampers

Friday February 20, 2015 !!!Congratulations February On-Rampers!!!  Welcome to the community!

WOD 3 Rounds 22 min Cap 20 Thrusters 115/80 20 Box Jumps 24/20/20 step ups 20 KB Swings 70/53/35 20 C2B

Skill/Strength: Tabata L-Sits* Parallettes/Rings/Bar/Box (Choose 1 which you can do for all 8 rounds)

Handstand Holds 4 Rounds x 40 sec If you can free stand, do so. If on wall, try to free stand by releasing feet from wall Parallettes are allowed

Warm Up: 500 m Row then Wall Walks Hollow Rocks Hang KB Snatch Burpee Pull Ups Jumping Lunges

5:00 Mercedes 55/20/35/R+R/2+65 Reese 75/20/53/G/21:55 Maria 55/20/25/R/2+11 Phillip Rx/1+71 Walsh 35/20/8/R+B/2+55 Rich 85/20/44/B+P/2+36 Matt H 95/24/53/G/2+60 Dan S 75/24/62/C2B/2+5 Jim B 75/24/53/B+R/1+65 Ryan Rx/21:42

6:00 Michelle mod45/20/B+G+R/2+68 Katie 80/20/53/PU/2+11 Vic 80/20/53/PU/2+26 Dan Rx/2+74 Andy45/20/12/p+R/2+63 Meghan 55/20/35/B+R/20:41 Wendy 35/20/8/G/2+53

7:00 Curtis Rx/2+60 Erika Rx/2+44

8:00 Sam Rx/20:09

9:00 John Mc Rx/2+30 Eddie Rx/2+30 Grande Rx/2+65 Fred Rx/18:51 Matt G. 95/24'step ups/70/c2b/2+17 Jackie 80/20/53/r/2+15 Christy 65/20/44/p+g/2+41 Corinne  55/24/35/r/2+62

10:00 Hannah Montana 65/20/55/c2b/2+57 Meaghan 55/20/35/p+r/2+58 MKC 65/20/35/c2b/2+60 Bill 65/20'step ups/35/g/2+75 Tom 95/24/53/r/21:54 Kevin 95/24/53/c2b/21:00 Genelle 55/20/35/r+b/2+17 Travis Rx/21:06

4:00 Sarah Reed 35/20/27/G/2+40 Chris 95/70/24/2+30 Jeremy 95/24/53/G/2+23 Sarah R. 55/20/35/G/21:19 Malopy 75/20/70/20:46 Julie 65/20/53/R&P/2+31 Ashley RX/19:19 Juliette 25/18/15/G/15:23

5:00 Beetle RX/2+67 Joe 65/20/35/R&B-PU/2+70 Angie 45/20/27/R&G-PU/2+45 Shelby 75/20/35/G&P/21:42 Jim65/20/18/PU/2+62 Rachel 35/20/18/R&B/2+60

6:00 Ed Mod/ Ron65/20/35/PU/2+30 Debbie55/20/44/PU/19:32 Glenna 35/20/25/G&P-PU/2+73 Mr. Burns 65/24/44/PU/1+77 Steve 25/20 step-up/18/B&R-PU/2+6 Matt B. 95/24/70/2+6