14.4/Gymnastics Work

every pro Tuesday February 16, 2015

WOD 14.4 14 min AMRAP 60 Cal row 50 T2B 40 Wall Balls 20/14/10 30 Cleansº 20 muscle-ups* ºAny version of a clean is acceptable (Muscle, Power, Squat, Split) *If you do not have a MU, you can modify with Bar Muscle Ups, Jumping MUs, Banded MUs on low rings, Pop Off MUs from the floor, or Burpee Pull Ups.

Skill/Strength: Muscle Up Progression and modifications

Rig/Matador Dips 4x6

Deficit HSPU 5x2 Work up to your deepest deficit

Warm Up: Plate Pushes In Place Inch Worms KB SDHP Burpees Jumping Squats

5:00 Mercedes 14#/147 Maria 14/131 Debbie RX/157 Kate K2E/10/35/155 Meghan 14/125 Maggie 10/85/160 Melissa K2E/10/135 Joe K2E/16/75/166 Rich K2E/14/95/166 Reese K2E/14/95/175 Matt K. RX/180 Ryan RX/181 (BMU) Jessica D. RX/177 Phil RX/156

6:00 Katie RX/162 Andrea K2E/10/116 MKN K2E/10/112 Victor 20/75/163 Sean 20/95/160 Jose K2E/14/75/170 Matt H. 20/95/164 Mike M. 20/95/180 Dan B. RX/183 (BMU) 9-Lives RX/181

7:00 Curtis RX/180 Brett 20/150

9:00 John Mc. Rx/170 Ziggy 14/159 Mark K2E/14/140 Matt G. RX/156 Corinne 65/168 Christopher RX/180 Dan S. RX/160 Fred RX/191

10:00 Tom RX/176 MKC RX/159 Kevin 115/180 Dawn RX/160 Lindsey RX/167 Travis RX/181 Tracy 65/155 Amy RX/150 Uncle Jesse RX/160 Nutz 95/157

4:00 Jim Rx/180 Brian C. Rx/180 Reed KR/10/145 Ron Rx/153 Jeremy Rx/163 Chris E. Rx/180 Dan Mc 10/75/115 Vin 20/95/151 Matt B. Rx/164

5:00 Beetle Rx/180 Tony Kr/16/95/155 Ashley Rx+16/180 Christy GHD/14/95/160 Rachel 10/35/136 Jim Kr/14/140 Jail 14/75/166 JoAnna Rx/159 Sophie 14/141

6:00 Dave Rx/195 Malopy Rx/191 Adrian Rx/168 Jerry 16/95/180 Alice KR/10/55/153 David 20/85/180 Aaron Kr/20/150 Nick R. Kr/20/95/108 Janelle 14/124 Glenna 10/55/167

7:00 Nick Rx/180 Steve Kr/14/145 Amanda Kr/14/150 Nestor 20/135 Marlene Kr/10/123 Jcohn Kr/105 Dennis Rx/155