Teams of 2 Chipper/Happy Valentine's Day/Happy BDay Jim B

1740302_603917856350882_1040352909_nSaturday February 14, 2015

!!!Happy Birthday Jim B!!!

Open Gym:8:00-9:30 Team WOD:9:30-10:45 Free Intro Class:11:00-12:00pm

WOD AMRAP 30 Teams of 2 20 Cal Row 20 Burpes 20 Sit Ups 20 Wall balls After each round add 10 reps to the movements and begin again

Skill/Strength: "Tip the Pizza" 2 Rounds 2 min each Rd 1:10 Jumping Squats Rd 2:10 Push Ups

Warm Up: 3 laps around Rig 1 Lap Butt Kicks 1 Lap High Knee Skips Duck walk up Crab walk back Inch worm up Bear Crawl Back