EMOM Cardio/Pull Ups-Ring Push Ups/Happy BDay Wendy

dedicationTuesday February 10, 2015

!!!Happy Birthday Wendy!!!

WOD EMOM 16 1:00 Max Calorie Row 1:00 Max Burpees 1:00 Max Double-Unders 1:00 Rest

Skill/Strength: Weighted Strict Pull Ups 5x3

Deficit Ring Push Ups (feet on 45 plate chest to floor) 5x7

Warm Up: 3 Laps around Rig 1 Lap Butt Kicks 1 Lap High Knee Skips Up and Back High Kick Toe Touches Up Inch Worms Back Bear Crawl Then Calf Stretch Mobility Hip Mobility Couch Stretch

5:00 Mercedes RX/169 Wendy S+ 10# VEST/184 Debbie RX/239 Lisa RX/360 Meghan S/252 Melissa RX/105 Kate S/241 Joe S/227 Dan S. S/271 Rich RX/168 Mel RX/251 Maggie RX/251 Reese S/175 Matt K. S/237 Jessica D. RX/523

6:00 Katie RX/372 Sean S/187 Hannah Montana RX/415 Jennay RS/166 Tim S/269 Erik RX/271 Kathy S/213

7:00 Thee People's Coach RX/404 Brett RX/157 Big Mac RX/184 Denni$ RX/368 Travis RX/271

8:00 Sam RX/519

9:00 John Mc. RX/310 Beetle RX/234 Lindsey RX/410 Brian H. S/139 Mark S/156 Eddie RX/450 Phil S/272 Jessica C. S/235

10:00 Ed  Lifting Kevin RX/374 MKC RX/214 Dawn RX/217 Genelle S/354 Freddie RX/495 Jackie RX/323

4:00 Mason Rx/348 Jail Rx/274 Reed S/194 Jeremy S/234 Chris E. Rx/323 Jim Rx/244 Gary Rx/300 Sonntag Rx/381 Alex Rx/313 Ashley Rx/393

5:00 Nick Rx/268 JoAnna S/301 Adrian Rx/233 Christine Rx/170 Tony S/140 Sophie Rx/220 Jim L. S/181 Rachel S/250

6:00 Matt B. S/374 Aaron S/192 Marianne S/141 Millertime S/274 Mr.Burns S/247 Drake S/196 Malopy Rx/465 Dave Rx/454 Julie Rx/303

7:00 Curtis Rx/361 Jcohn S/97 Jim S. S/209 Steve Mod/Su/103 Marlene S/240 Nestor S/184 Ron S/270 Matt Rx/218