OHS-DUs/Ring Rows-Ring Push Ups/Happy BDay Jess C

Go to the gymTuesday February 3, 2015

!!!Happy Birthday Jess C :-) !!! WOD EMOMx10 Odd: 10 Overhead Squats, 95/65 Even: 40 Double unders

Skill/Strength: 3x10 Ring Rows get shoulders as close to parallel to the floor as possible

5x7 Ring Push Ups

Warm Up: 600 m Row then EMOM Squat Tuck Jumps Snatch Balance w/Empty Bar Burpees Wall Walks

5:00 Mercedes D/55/5 Debbie RX/10 Katie S/35/5 Melissa S/35/5 Joe S/45/6 Rich D/45/5 Mr. Kool Aid S/95/5 Ryan RX/10 Reese S/45/4 Travis RX/10 Jessica D. RX/10

6:00 Jenny RX/5 Katie RX/10 Erik RX/10 Dan B. RX/10 Jose S/65/10 Matt G. RX/10 Sean S/95/10 Juliette S/25/9 Maggie D/45/8 Kathy S/25/4 Wendy D/35/5 Michelle S/45/5

7:00 Thee Peoples Coach 75/10

9:00 Chelsea RX/10 Brian S/45/5 Mary S/15/5 Phil S/95/5 John S/55/5 Nola D/35/10 Eddie RX/10 Mark S/55/5

10:00 Ed Mod./10 Meaghan S/55/5 MKC  RX/5 Uncle Jesse RX/10

4:00 Chris E. Rx/10 Jeremy 95/S/8 Reed 35/S/1 JoAnna 55/S/10 Tim 65/S/10 Trisha 15/S/10 Jim S. Rx/10 Jim mod/15/S/10 Rachel 15/S/10 Christy 65/S/10

5:00 Nick Rx/6 Kevin S. 75/10 Jail Rx/6 Christine 55/S/8 Ashley Rx+85/10

6:00 Doug 65/S/8 Millertime Mod. Gary Rx+115/10 Alice 35/1 Curtis Rx/10 Shelby 45/1 Dave Rx/10 Glenna 15/1 Malopy Rx/10

7:00 Dan C.Rx/10 Amanda 25/S/10 Steve PVC/mod/10 Matt B. 75/S/10 Jim Mod/55/S/1