DUs-Sit Ups/Weighted T2B-Weighted Pull Ups

Hard workTuesday January 27, 2015

WOD EMOM 12 Odd: 30 DUs Even: Overhead weighted Sit Ups 20/14/10* *At the start with you lying on the abmat, the med ball is to be over your chest with extended arms. When you go to the top of the sit up the ball will be over your head. Score will be total sit ups in 6 minutes.

Skill/Strength: 7x4 Weighted T2B (Med Ball between ankles 5xMRE Weighted Strict Pull Ups, climbing* *If you use bands, go to smaller bands and perform AMRAP each round going to a smaller band each round.

Warm Up: 3 laps run around rig 1 lap High knee skips 1 lap butt kicks then Broad Jumps w/ squat up and back 20 Hollow Rocks Then group mobility

5:00 Mercedes RX/87 Meghan S/14/77 Maria Mod/Rows/14/107 Melissa S/10/62 Kate S/10/83 Reese S/10/108 Jim B. S/10/72 Joe S/10/66 Matt K. S/20/128 Ryan RX/121 Phil S/20/98 MKMC D/10/123 Debbie RX/92 Matt H. RX/96 Jessica D. RX/109

6:00 Hannah Montana RX/151 Jenny RX/90 Katie RX/115 Juliette S/10/126 Dan B. RX/132 Erik RX/123 Vin RX/117 Victor S/20/89 Matt G. RX/114 Sean S/20/115 Maggie S/14/136 Wendy S/10/116 John L. D/14/120

7:00 Thee People's Coach RX/153 Curtis D/16/124 Gary -Lifting

9:00 John Mc. Rx/139 Beetle Rx/122 Grande S/20/108 Tim S/16/127 Bill S/14/128 Eddie Rx/150 Mark S/10/101 Chelsea Rx/151

10:00 Kevin S. RX/132 Dawn RX/106 MKC RX/102 Tracy D/14/92 Metz D/14/116 Randall RX/80 Ed RX/136 Amy S/14/104 Genelle S/10/129 Travis D/20/148

4:00 Mason Rx/125 Jerry S/14/150 JoAnna Rx/130 Chris E. Rx/182 Tom S/20/137 Matt S. S/20/112 Tony S/14/122 Ashley Rx/105 Alex Rx/100 Brett Rx/78 Dan Mc S/14/100 Matt B. S/20/150

5:00 Jeremy S/20/120 Shelby Rx/99 Sarah S/14/128 Sophie D/10/151

6:00 Malopy Rx/132 Doug S/10/146 Marianne S/10/66 Mo Rx/112 David S/16/112 Nick R. S/16/61 Dennis Rx/104 Alice S/10/128

7:00 Jcohn S/10/55 Marlene S/14/82 Nestor S/10/39 Jim S/20/43 Julie Rx/103