DUs-Lunge-SDHP/Tabata-MR Cal Row

the boxFriday January 16, 2015

WOD 5 Rounds 25 DUs 25 OH Lunges 45/25/15 25 SDHP 75/55/35

Skill/Strength: Tabata Med Ball Cleans 4 min Max Cal Row *Based on class size, we will separate the groups so 6 are on rowers

Warm Up: 5 min Calisthenics around rig

*=Max Cal. Row

5:00 Mercedes *52-DU/15/35/25:14 Maria  *46-DU/15/35/30:30 Kate *41-S/10/25/22:05 Jen P. *47-S/15/45/28:06 Matt B. *65-S/25:08 Rich *60-S/25/25:29 Lisa *49-Rx 21:24 Debbie *49-Rx 22:10

6:00 Sean *55-S/25/65/22:53 Victor *65-DU/25/65/22:15 Matt G. *71-DU/25/24:46 Jenny *51-Rx 25:08 Juliette *47-S/10/25/14:43 Michelle *54-S/10/35/22:24 Vin *62-DU/35/65/24:22 Dan B. *82-Rx 21:31 Kathy *34-S/10/35/23:39 Denni$ *82-Rx(Mod. 3 Rounds)/13:15 John L. *69-S/25/65/20:41

7:00 Thee People's Coach DU/25/24:46

9:00 Meghan *60-S/15/22:48 MiMi *47-S/15/45/19:52 Corinne *52-S/25/45/20:46 Sonntag *77-DU/25/65/19:28 Phil *75-S/27:47 Eddie *83-Rx 16:51

10:00 Nutz *52-S/25/65/21:39 Gary *87-Rx 20:57 Hannah Montana *52-Rx 18:22 Matt H. *66-Rx 23:53 Mal *56-S/15:48 Meaghan *51-S/45/26:41

4:00 Miller *64/s/75/45/23:20 Jim*58/s/65/25/25:12 Ron*59/s/65/25/25:26 Jail*48/rx+45/25:37 Jeremy*51/s/75/25/21:33 Sarah*58/s/45/25/20:42 Tom*75/s/75/45/26:14 Dan Mc*44/s/55/35/3 rounds Kevin*57/rx/20:42 Dave M.*44/s/75/25/26:57 Genelle*48/s/35/15/24:14

5:00 Shelby*66/rx/23:26 John W.*55/s/75/step ups/28:08 Marlene*44/s/35/15/22:33

6:00 Ed O*89/rx+80#KB/22:59 Christine*59/rx/23:44 Malopy*88/mod/21:00