DUs and Cindy/Med Ball Jump Squats

EatCleanTrainMean112113Friday January 9, 2015

With snow, slush, ice and salt outside, please bring indoor shoes. Thanks!

WOD 20 min Cap 100 Double unders 5 rounds of Cindy 80 Double unders 4 rounds of Cindy 60 Double unders 3 rounds of Cindy 40 Double unders 2 rounds of Cindy 20 Double unders 1 round of Cindy

Skill/Strength: Tabata Med Ball Jump Squat 20/14/10

Warm Up: 400 m Row then Group Warm Up

5:00 Beetle Rx 472 Reese S-Green-450 Rich B Rx 470 Mercedes DU-R/P-339 Jim B S-Blue-496 Matt B S-490 Dan S S-455 Maria DUs-R/P-289 Worked hard on DUs!!!, Great Job Lisa DU-B/R-721 Matt H DU-Green-495 Debbie Rx 466

6:00 Katie DUs 512 Jenny Rx 280 Worked hard on DUs!!!, Great Job Dan B Rx 638 Andy S-R/P-510 Erik Rx 519 Juliette S-R/B-575 Matt G Rx 470 MKN S 640 Wendy S-R/B-16:05 Kathy S-R/R-490 Michelle S-Green-415 Vin Rx 467 Sean R S-535 Dennis Rx 392

7:00 Thee People's Coach Rx 542 Curtis Rx 650 Erin K S-Blue-486 John V S-Green-345

9:00 9-Lives Rx 729 Jeff S-Black-420 Sam B S-Green-337 Nacho Bel Grande S-456 Jess C S-Green-469 Sonntag Rx 516

10:00 Mimi S-B/B-525 Dawn Rx 335 Carlos S 670 Hannah Rx 515 Lindsey Rx 663 Amy K 168 (Worked hard on DUs!!!, Great Job)

4:00 Reed S-p+g/434 Joanna S/595 Nick R. S-g/335 Sew Rx 590 Sink S/498 Jeremy S-g/570 Doug S/p+g/345 Kevin Rx 535 Tom S-r/600

5:00 Mo Rx 540 Ed Rx 18:50 Adrian S/459 Sarah R. S-g/670 Genelle S-r+b/457

6:00 Mr. Kool Aid S-g/450 Malopy Mod. Chris Rx 539 Christine S/424 Dave Rx 17:30