Clean-Push Up-DUs/Handstand Stuff/Happy BDay Mason

regretTuesday January 6, 2015

With the snow, salt and wet outside, please bring dry indoor shoes.  Thanks

!!!Happy Birthday Mason!!!

WOD 16 min Cap 21-15-9-15-21 Power Cleans, 135/95/75 Push ups 40 DU After each round

Skill/Strength: 3x:40 Handstand Hold 100' Handstand Walk 4x6 deficit kipping HSPU- you choose the deficit.

Warm Up: EMOM Suicides Broad Jumps w squat Ball Slams Wall Balls Push Press w/ empty bar

5:00 Mercedes 65#/D/101 Reese 95/S/120+70 Maria 65/S/128 Debbie 75/D/135 Lisa 75/D/15:29 Meghan 75/S/134 MKMC 75/D/162+17 Jessica D. RX/162+0 Phil 135/S/128 Ryan RX/15:37 Jim B. 95/S/115 Matt K. 115/S/162+0 Beetle RX/120+40 Rich 75/S/162+0

6:00 Katie RX/120+11 Jenny RX/90+8 Matt G. 135/S/125 Denni$ RX/127 Vin 95/D/130 Dan B. RX/140 Michelle 55/S/120+2 Andrea 45/S/141 Sean 95/S/120 Wendy 45/S/136 John L. 95/S/136

7:00 Curtis RX/15:22 Thee People's Coach 115/D/124 Brett 65/S/120+2

9:00 9-Lives 115#/D/153 Dan 95/S/134 Chris 115/S/15:58 Jessica C. 85/S/113 Corinne 45/S/120+80

10:00 Sew 115#/D/150 Mary 25/S/105 Meaghan 65/S/90+51 Dawn 75/S/123 MKC 95/S/121 Hannah Montana RX/120 Uncle Jesse RX/98 Mal 95/S/146 Mimi 55/S/122 Eddie O'R. RX/15:50 Tracy 85/S/109 Eddie O'K. RX/162+25 Amy 55/S/106

11:00 Sam Rx/13:24

4:00 Jerry 95/S/141 Chris Rx/162 Jail 75/Du's/148 Sink 115/S/120 Gary Rx/141+1 Mason Rx/162+30 JoAnna 85/S/15:32 Jeff 135/S/72+8 Lindsey 85/Du's/154 Sarah 65/S/141

5:00 Shelby 85/Du's/120+25 Sophie 65/Du's/109 Christine Rx/120+5

6:00 Mel Rx/134 Alice 55/S/100 Dave Rx/12:53 Malopy Rx/140 Millertime 135/S/130 Janelle 65/S/148 Barbara 65/S/131

7:00 Catie 55/S/155 Reed 55/S/120 Ron 95/S/130 Jeremy 95/S/125 Jessica 95/Mod/S/162 Carolyn 75/Du's/92 Estela 45/S/14:52 Matt 135/S/117

Saturday Sonntag 95/DU/14:55