DUs-Front Rack Lunges/Heavy C&J/Normal Hours

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutions-572x433Friday January 2, 2015

WOD EMOM 14 Odd: 50 Double Unders Even: 10 Front Rack Walking Lunges 115/85/65

Skill/Strength: 7 Rounds (20 min) Work up to a heavy single Hang Squat Clean and Jerk

Warm Up: EMOM Row Burpee Pull Ups Jumping Lunges Snatch Balance Then 5 min Mobility Calf Stretches Wrist, Tri, Lat stretches

5:00 Phil S/115# Debbie D/65 Lisa RX

6:00 Erik RX Sean S/85 Victor D/85

7:00 Katie N. RX Kathy S/45 Dennis Mod./13

9:00 John Mc. RX/10 Maria D/35 Beetle RX/7 Miller Time D/95 Sam B. S/35 Eddie O'K. RX Milo S/85 Jenny N. RX Jackie RX

10:00 Travis S/115 Mimi S/45 Chelsea D/65 Ryan RX Ed O'R. RX/13 Matt G. S/95 Julie G. S/25 Kevin D/95 Meaghan S/65 Dan S. S/85 Carolyn D/65 MKCS/65 Mal S/85 9-Lives RX

4:00 Chris Rx/7 Glitter Rx Joanna S/85 Hannah Montana Rx Reed S/45/7 Jeremy S/95/7 Ron S/75/5 Doug S/45/10 Dawn S/75/6 Jerry S/75/6

5:00 Jail Rx+95#/12 Gary Rx Mo  Rx

6:00 Dave Rx+135# Jerry M. S/85/8 Matt B. S/115 Alice  S/55/7 Jess W. S/85/10 Rico S/95